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28 Days Later: The End of Britain

THE DAYS ARE NUMBERED. Danny Boyle is emerging as one of the most interesting British directors of our time. This is not only because he is obviously gifted, but also because he always chooses surprising and very varied projects. After portraying Edinburgh heroin addicts in Trainspotting, making a star-studded comedy, A Life Less Ordinary, and turning Alex … Continue reading 28 Days Later: The End of Britain


CHECK IN. RELAX. TAKE A SHOWER. The pointlessness of Gus Van Sant’s project is staggering; plays are restaged all the time, for instance, but rarely does anyone try to copy a specific famous production of one. Few changes have been made to this scene-by-scene remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece, but they’re all bad. The … Continue reading Psycho

The Omen: The Boy Who Would Be King

GOOD MORNING. YOU ARE ONE DAY CLOSER TO THE END OF THE WORLD! In 1973, The Exorcist had been a tremendous hit and came to spawn copies throughout the 1970s. The most successful of these diabolical films became The Omen, a thriller that would launch the career of director Richard Donner and give aging movie star Gregory Peck … Continue reading The Omen: The Boy Who Would Be King

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER. 20 years after first encountering the murderous Michael Myers, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) finds that adulthood and a nice job still can’t protect her from him. Curtis came up with the idea for this seventh film in the series, a homage to the original done in the style of Scream (1996). She … Continue reading Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

Shaun of the Dead

A ROMANTIC COMEDY. WITH ZOMBIES.  As zombies invade London, a ne’er-do-well (Simon Pegg) takes charge of a group of survivors who are headed for a pub they assume is a safe haven. This well-made spoof of Dawn of the Dead (1978) has a huge cult following. It’s not as interesting as the symbolism of George A. Romero’s classic, … Continue reading Shaun of the Dead

Alien: The Deadly Stowaway

IN SPACE, NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM! The most famous sequence of this horrifying classic takes place about thirty minutes into the story. Everyone is relaxing after a somewhat gut-wrenching experience. They’re all enjoying breakfast together and spirits are high. Suddenly, one of them is choking and starts convulsing violently. Something explodes inside his … Continue reading Alien: The Deadly Stowaway

The Birds: What If They Turned On Us?

SUSPENSE AND SHOCK BEYOND ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN OR IMAGINED!   There are billions of birds all over the world. What if they all suddenly turned on us? Why, we wouldn’t stand a chance, as one of the characters in Alfred Hitchcock’s horror classic says. That’s a frightening thought, but my problem is that … Continue reading The Birds: What If They Turned On Us?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT FEAR… DOESN’T EVEN COME CLOSE. This occasionally humorous remake is a celebration of the original with the same kind of nasty, sadistic atmosphere. A picture is painted of the Texas countryside as utterly degenerate, and particularly R. Lee Ermey seems to enjoy a part that is so typical of him, that … Continue reading The Texas Chainsaw Massacre