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My 12 Favorite Christmas Movies

We’re one week away from Christmas and everybody’s making lists of their favorite movies. As always, some are debating whether or not Die Hard belongs on the list. Don’t be silly, of course it does. What says Christmas more than “Now I have a machine gun, ho, ho ho”…? Here are my 12 favorites, a mix … Continue reading My 12 Favorite Christmas Movies

Coraline: Meeting the Others

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. Sometimes I hate the band wagon during the awards season. You know what I mean – one documentary or animated film gets all the attention because the category is pretty small. In 2010, everybody simply decided that the wonderful Pixar film Up was the best of the bunch in … Continue reading Coraline: Meeting the Others

The Nightmare Before Christmas

A GHOULISH TALE WITH WICKED HUMOR & STUNNING ANIMATION. Jack Skellington, Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, discovers a portal to Christmas Town and tries to introduce this new holiday to his people… who misunderstand completely. Ten years after originating as a project for Tim Burton when he was working for Disney, this charming and ghoulish … Continue reading The Nightmare Before Christmas

James and the Giant Peach

ADVENTURES THIS BIG DON’T GROW ON TREES.  Young James Trotter’s (Paul Terry) parents are dead and he’s now living with his wicked aunts, but a huge peach in the garden leads him into adventures… The Nightmare Before Christmas director strikes back with another stop-motion film that also includes live-action footage. The story is familiar to … Continue reading James and the Giant Peach