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Cool Hand Luke: A Tough Egg to Crack

HE WAS A COOL CUSTOMER… UNTIL THE LAW MADE IT HOT FOR HIM! Donn Pearce, who turns 90 in September, has lived an adventurous life – and knows what it’s like to be incarcerated. During World War II, he served a few days in the stockade after going AWOL. After the war, he did some … Continue reading Cool Hand Luke: A Tough Egg to Crack

Red Dawn

IN OUR TIME, NO FOREIGN ARMY HAS EVER OCCUPIED AMERICAN SOIL. UNTIL NOW.  When joint Soviet-Cuban forces invade the United States after a nuclear strike, a group of teenagers in Colorado flee into the woods and organize armed resistance. Criticized for its violence after the premiere, this film has much greater problems than that. The … Continue reading Red Dawn

Pretty in Pink

BLANE’S A PRETTY COOL GUY. ANDIE’S PRETTY IN PINK. AND DUCKIE’S PRETTY CRAZY.  Working-class girl Andie Walsh (Molly Ringwald) meets a preppy boy (Andrew McCarthy) and they fall for each other… but their romance faces opposition. One of the classic John Hughes movies from this era, an entertaining high school flick with a conventional drama … Continue reading Pretty in Pink

The Last Stand

NOT IN HIS TOWN. NOT ON HIS WATCH. A drug lord who’s taken a hostage is speeding toward the Mexican border in a modified Chevrolet, but first he needs to cross a sleepy Arizona small town where the sheriff is a former LAPD cop… Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first starring vehicle in ten years (after his stint … Continue reading The Last Stand

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

THESE ARE THE LAST SEVEN DAYS OF LAURA PALMER.  David Lynch wasn’t ready to let Twin Peaks go (even though he wasn’t very involved with its second season), which is why he made this prequel that follows murder victim Laura Palmer’s (Sheryl lee) last week in life, a depressing and dark journey through hell. Critically … Continue reading Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me


Pet chameleon Rango is lost in the Mojave Desert and ends up the new sheriff in a small town called Dirt; when its water reserves turn out to be nearly empty, Rango begins to investigate… This has to be the first animated film to include a Hunter S. Thompson joke… but then, Johnny Depp voices … Continue reading Rango

Avengers: The Smashing Six

SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. Sometimes it is true that good things happen to good people. Joss Whedon may have had a few misses behind him, but Hollywood knows deep inside that this is the guy who made Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse work so well. He’s also a huge fan of “The Avengers” as a … Continue reading Avengers: The Smashing Six

Big Love: Utah Crime Family

Big Love was the little show that could. When the first episode aired immediately after the premiere of the sixth season of The Sopranos, it didn’t look like much. The first season was acknowledged as interesting and well-crafted but nowhere near as compelling as the celebrated mob show. Big Love was never a favorite among … Continue reading Big Love: Utah Crime Family

The Last Temptation of Christ

When Judas (Harvey Keitel), a Jewish resistance fighter, is sent to kill Jesus (Willem Dafoe), a carpenter who helps Romans construct crosses for crucifixions, he realizes that Jesus might in fact be the Messiah. An intensely religious retelling of the life of Jesus Christ that was much hated by conservatives for having the audacity to … Continue reading The Last Temptation of Christ

The Pledge

DETECTIVE JERRY BLACK HAS MADE A PROMISE HE CAN’T BREAK, TO CATCH A KILLER HE CAN’T FIND.  When Jerry Black (Jack Nicholson), a cop in Nevada who’s about to retire, ends up being the one who tells a family that their eight-year-old girl has been murdered, he swears on “the salvation of his soul” to … Continue reading The Pledge