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Thelma & Louise: Women on the Run

SOMEBODY SAID GET A LIFE… SO THEY DID. Callie Khouri, who had written the screenplay for ”Thelma & Louise” in 1988, wasn’t entirely sure that Ridley Scott was the right person to make the movie. After all, this was a guy whose films to a large share were about men and had masculine themes. And … Continue reading Thelma & Louise: Women on the Run

A League of Their Own

A WOMAN’S PLACE IS ON HOME, FIRST, SECOND, AND THIRD. When America enters World War II, Major League Baseball is forced to change; a newly formed women’s league attracts unorthodox players… and one very reluctant coach (Tom Hanks). Big (1988) director Penny Marshall reunited with the star of that film for another charming comedy, this … Continue reading A League of Their Own

Tootsie: Dressed to Kill

HE’S TOOTSIE… SHE’S DUSTIN HOFFMAN. In the late 1990s, I was studying English in college when one of our teachers organized a reading of Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”. Not a full stage rendering, mind you… but we still had to dress up and the whole thing was taped by our teacher. I … Continue reading Tootsie: Dressed to Kill

The Long Kiss Goodnight

EIGHT YEARS AGO SHE LOST HER MEMORY. NOW, A DETECTIVE MUST HELP HER REMEMBER THE PAST BEFORE IT BURIES THEM BOTH. WHAT’S FORGOTTEN IS NOT ALWAYS GONE.  After having been found eight years ago, amnesia-stricken and badly injured, Samantha (Geena Davis) has become a beloved wife, mother and teacher in a small Pennsylvania town; then … Continue reading The Long Kiss Goodnight

Beetle Juice

THE NAME IN LAUGHTER FROM THE HEREAFTER. The recently deceased Maitlands (Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis) find it difficult to scare off an unpleasant family that’s moved into their house; maybe a ghost that exorcises people is the answer? Director Tim Burton’s second film became his breakthrough and his knack for mixing up comedy with darker stuff … Continue reading Beetle Juice


ANGIE WANTS TO STAY SINGLE, HAVE A BABY, AND FALL IN LOVE. BUT SHE’S WILLING TO NEGOTIATE. After a two-year hiatus from the world of movies, Geena Davis made a comeback as Angie, an Italian-American woman who’s involved with Vinnie (James Gandolfini) but starts dating an Irishman (Stephen Rea). Then she finds out she’s pregnant… … Continue reading Angie