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The Russia House

A SPY STORY… A LOVE STORY… A STORY TO CROSS ALL BOUNDARIES. After receiving a mysterious manuscript from a Soviet woman (Michelle Pfeiffer), British publisher ”Barley” Scott Blair (Sean Connery) is interrogated by MI6 and later sent as a spy to the Soviet Union to find a man called ”Dante”. A spy thriller with appealing … Continue reading The Russia House

It Runs in the Family

SOME FAMILIES CAN SURVIVE ANYTHING. EVEN EACH OTHER. Three generations of the Douglas clan gathered for this film that tells the story of three generations of another family, the Grombergs. It’s possible that the Douglases worked some of their own problems into the script, but it’s safe to say that the warm feelings they have … Continue reading It Runs in the Family

Six Degrees of Separation

FOR PAUL, EVERY PERSON IS A NEW DOOR TO A NEW WORLD.  A wealthy art dealer couple (Stockard Channing, Donald Sutherland) allow a young, articulated man (Will Smith) who claims to be a friend of their kids into their home and lives, but he has an ulterior agenda. An effective adaptation of the Broadway hit … Continue reading Six Degrees of Separation