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Manchurian Candidate: Agent Solitaire

IF YOU COME IN FIVE MINUTES AFTER THIS PICTURE BEGINS, YOU WON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT! WHEN YOU’VE SEEN IT ALL, YOU’LL SWEAR THERE’S NEVER BEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT! This movie ran into bad luck. Or was it really that bad? It’s been said sometimes that The Manchurian Candidate was pulled from distribution when … Continue reading Manchurian Candidate: Agent Solitaire

Around the World in Eighty Days

SEE EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD WORTH SEEING! DO EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD WORTH DOING! In the late 1800s, London aristocrat Phileas Fogg (David Niven) makes a wager with fellow members at the Reform Club that he can travel around the world in as little as 80 days. One of the first epics to fill almost … Continue reading Around the World in Eighty Days

Some Came Running

EVERYONE KNEW DAVE WAS BACK IN TOWN… AND WOMAN-TROUBLE MUST BE CLOSE BEHIND! When Army veteran Dave Hirsh (Frank Sinatra) returns to his hometown after 16 years, he clashes with his estranged older brother (Arthur Kennedy) who has inherited a jewelry business from his father-in-law. Another adaptation of a James Jones novel for Sinatra who … Continue reading Some Came Running

From Here to Eternity: Before Armageddon

POURING OUT OF IMPASSIONED PAGES… BRAWLING THEIR WAY TO GREATNESS ON THE SCREEN! This is what Michael Bay was aiming for when he made Pearl Harbor (2001) – hopefully engaging romantic antics that are suddenly interrupted in the end by an armageddon of sorts, the Japanese attack on Hawaii that brought the United States into … Continue reading From Here to Eternity: Before Armageddon

On the Town: Beyond Broadway

THEY PAINT THE TOWN WITH JOY! After several successful collaborations between Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen in the 1940s, MGM gave them a chance to direct a movie. They had choreographed and worked in other ways on films like Anchors Aweigh (1945) and Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949). When they decided on … Continue reading On the Town: Beyond Broadway

Ocean’s Eleven

YOU WOULDN’T CALL IT A GANG. JUST DANNY OCEAN AND HIS 11 PALS – THE NIGHT THEY BLEW ALL THE LIGHTS IN LAS VEGAS! Ah, the glory of having the entire ”Rat Pack” gathered in one film – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford are fun to watch as … Continue reading Ocean’s Eleven

That’s Entertainment!

BOY! DO WE NEED IT NOW! A popular compilation of memorable clips from nearly one hundred MGM musicals, which serves the purpose of celebrating the studio’s 50th anniversary. No other studio in Hollywood managed to make musicals this good, which means this is a peek at the very best Tinseltown has to offer in the … Continue reading That’s Entertainment!