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True Crime

When a journalist is killed in a car crash, a veteran colleague (Clint Eastwood) is assigned to her story; she was covering the upcoming execution of a man (Washington) who might be wrongly convicted. The first screen adaptation of an Andrew Klavan novel was a commercial failure and not one of Eastwood’s sharpest films. His … Continue reading True Crime

Woman in Gold

THE FIGHT FOR JUSTICE NEVER ENDS.  California resident Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren) hires young attorney Randy Schoenberg (Ryan Reynolds) to help her retrieve Gustav Klimt’s painting ”Woman in Gold” from Austria; a portrait of her aunt, the Nazis stole the painting from her family. A reality-based story about a significant battle over artwork that reached … Continue reading Woman in Gold

Titanic: A Wreck Comes Alive

NOTHING ON EARTH COULD COME BETWEEN THEM.  Twentieth Century Fox wasn’t sure about letting James Cameron make an epic movie about the 1912 sinking of Titanic – especially since the director wanted it to be a romance. In other words, there would be no box-office-friendly terminators or aliens on this voyage. Fox eventually agreed to … Continue reading Titanic: A Wreck Comes Alive

The Host

CHOOSE TO BELIEVE. CHOOSE TO FIGHT. CHOOSE TO LOVE. In the future, an alien species has taken over the Earth and almost every human being; when this finally happens to Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan), the alien inside her realizes that Melanie’s mind isn’t all gone. Stephenie Meyer wrote the “Twilight” series and a comparison is … Continue reading The Host

The Lincoln Lawyer

L.A. attorney Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey), who prefers to work out of a Lincoln, is hired to help a young Beverly Hills playboy (Ryan Phillippe) who stands accused of having beaten a prostitute. There haven’t been many screen adaptations of Michael Connelly’s books, but the success of this one may inspire others. The story, that introduces … Continue reading The Lincoln Lawyer

In the Valley of Elah

SOMETIMES FINDING THE TRUTH IS EASIER THAN FACING IT. Retired military investigator Hank Deerfield (Tommy Lee Jones) tries to find out what has happened to his son who seems to have gone AWOL from the Army; eventually he gets help from a local police detective (Charlize Theron). A drama about the dehumanizing effects of war; … Continue reading In the Valley of Elah

Gone in Sixty Seconds

ICE COLD. HOT WIRED.  Retired master car thief Randall “Memphis” Raines (Nicolas Cage) is forced back into the game when his brother (Giovanni Ribisi) screws up; in order to stay alive they must steal 50 high-end cars in one night. Few appreciated this remake of the 1974 original. There’s fast cars, faster editing and a … Continue reading Gone in Sixty Seconds

The Kingdom

UNDER FIRE. UNDER PRESSURE. OUT OF TIME. In the wake of a major terrorist attack in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with many U.S. casualties, the FBI secretly sends a team headed by Ronald Fleury (Jamie Foxx) to investigate. Director Peter Berg delivers an entertaining thriller (shot in the United Arab Emirates) that feels like an extended, juiced-up episode … Continue reading The Kingdom

House of Sand and Fog: The Proud Colonel’s New Life

SOME DREAMS CAN’T BE SHARED. Near the end of this film something terrible and tragic happens and the event is so well directed and performed that it is absolutely heartbreaking. It made me cry, even though I was expecting something like that to happen because of the general feeling of unease that permeates the film. … Continue reading House of Sand and Fog: The Proud Colonel’s New Life

Mrs. Harris

SHE LOVED HIM, SO SHE SHOT HIM. A slightly bizarre TV version of the famous case where a teacher with kids married an affluent doctor and subsequently shot him to death when their marriage soured. A previous TV movie, The People vs. Jean Harris from 1981 (that starred Ellen Burstyn), focused a lot on the … Continue reading Mrs. Harris

Laws of Attraction

GETTING MARRIED IS A GREAT WAY TO FALL IN LOVE. New York divorce attorneys Daniel Rafferty and Audrey Woods (Pierce Brosnan, Julianne Moore) fight each other whenever they can, but end up getting married after an Irish night of drinking. Here’s a romantic comedy with nothing to rely on but its two charismatic stars. They’re … Continue reading Laws of Attraction

Unforgiven: A Case of Damaged Property

Imagine that it’s 1993 again. Looking back just 10 years earlier, who would have thought that Clint Eastwood, the tough guy who had made a few pretty good westerns but also those movies where he would horse around with a pet orangutan named Clyde, would get up at the Academy Awards and say thank you … Continue reading Unforgiven: A Case of Damaged Property