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EVEN LEGENDS NEED A HERO. In 2002, a Nigerian-American doctor (Will Smith) in Pennsylvania begins looking into the deaths of several former NFL players and discovers a pattern of brain injuries. A drama that wants to be a new The Insider (1999), this time with the NFL, not tobacco companies, as villains. This reality-based film … Continue reading Concussion

O.J. Made in America: Justice for No One

Like everybody else, I was hooked on the excellent FX anthology series American Crime Story whose first season focused on the murder trial against O.J. Simpson and I didn’t really care about a documentary. After all, we all ”know” this case. Curiously, that’s exactly what director Ezra Edelman was thinking when ESPN first offered him … Continue reading O.J. Made in America: Justice for No One

Two for the Money

Former football player Brandon Lang (Matthew McConaughey), who has a knack at predicting winners in games, is hired by the charismatic head (Al Pacino) of a sports consulting firm – and his life changes. It’s a pleasure watching these three stars make their characters come alive – McConaughey as the cocky talent, Pacino as the … Continue reading Two for the Money

The Longest Yard

IT’S SURVIVAL OF THE FIERCEST AND FUNNIEST! Former football pro Paul Crewe (Burt Reynolds) ends up in prison in Georgia after stealing his girlfriend’s car and resisting arrest; the warden (Eddie Albert) sees an opportunity in Crewe’s arrival… Director Robert Aldrich made The Dirty Dozen (1967), which is why he was the right one to … Continue reading The Longest Yard


IN THE BEGINNING, THE RULES WERE SIMPLE. THERE WEREN’T ANY. In 1925, football player Jimmy “Dodge” Connelly (George Clooney) tries to make the struggling game popular by finding new sponsors and bringing a war hero (John Krasinski) on the team. Clooney’s third film as a director is an obvious attempt to create a screwball comedy. … Continue reading Leatherheads

We Are Marshall

FAR FROM THE ASHES WE ROSE. When the entire college football team of Huntington, West Virginia is killed in a plane crash, the town faces hurdles in their attempt to build a new team. A film based on the inspiring story of how Marshall University found their way back to success on the football field after … Continue reading We Are Marshall

Jerry Maguire: Cruise Goes Crazy

EVERYBODY LOVED HIM… EVERYBODY DISAPPEARED. At the time of the release, Jerry Maguire received mostly positive reviews. Now that I’ve revisited the film several years later I have to say I still like it a lot. This is after all perhaps the best example of why we love Tom Cruise in spite of all the craziness. The … Continue reading Jerry Maguire: Cruise Goes Crazy

Friday Night Lights

HOPE COMES ALIVE. In 1988, the small town of Odessa, Georgia worships at the altar of the Church of Football as the local high school team faces big hurdles. Peter Berg got his breakthrough as director with this beautifully produced, heartbreakingly realistic (and reality-based) portrayal of the young men and the coach who feel the pressure … Continue reading Friday Night Lights

The Longest Yard

IF YOU CAN’T GET OUT, GET EVEN. Washed-up NFL pro Paul Crewe (Adam Sandler) ends up in prison where he’s talked into coaching a team of other cons that will go up against a team of guards. This remake of the 1974 film has the original star, Burt Reynolds, as a fellow inmate; he’s fun … Continue reading The Longest Yard