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My 12 Favorite Horror Movies

Halloween is coming, and the dead shall rise from their graves. At least on a TV screen near you. We are awash in lists of the greatest horror movies ever made, and everybody’s trying to come up with a twist of their own. Well, I decided to just list my 12 favorites, a bunch of … Continue reading My 12 Favorite Horror Movies

The Chaotic Era When Hollywood Found Sound

I recently finished Scott Eyman’s book “The Speed of Sound”, a chronicle of how sound transformed Hollywood in the late 1920s. This may all seem very stodgy since talkies have been around now for close to 90 years… but Eyman makes us understand not only how big a change this was, but how fast it … Continue reading The Chaotic Era When Hollywood Found Sound

Sunrise: The Lure of the City

I’m currently reading ”The Speed of Sound”, Scott Eyman’s account of how sound revolutionized moviemaking in Hollywood in the late 1920s, which is why I’m also getting a bit curious about some of the films mentioned in that book. One of them is obviously a huge classic. I’m happy to have finally seen Sunrise, the … Continue reading Sunrise: The Lure of the City

Nosferatu: Dracula? What Dracula?

If you’re looking to create a good tagline for this classic horror movie, it would have to be “Banned in Sweden for 50 years!”. The ban wasn’t lifted until 1972 when audiences had already seen much worse in theaters over the years. Nosferatu won’t seem as horrifying to modern audiences, but this is nevertheless a landmark achievement … Continue reading Nosferatu: Dracula? What Dracula?