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The Impossible: Swept Away

NOTHING IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE HUMAN SPIRIT. I remember being safe at home in my parents’ house that Christmas holiday in 2004 when several tsunamis that had been triggered by a huge earthquake in the Indian Ocean killed over 230,000 people in 14 countries. Since many of the victims were tourists, the disaster affected … Continue reading The Impossible: Swept Away

Beginners: Waiting for the Lion

This is what love feels like.   The buzz surrounding this film on its premiere related to Christopher Plummer’s performance as an elderly man coming out to his son. That is undeniably an inspiring part of the film, but it’s not what touched me the most. A lot of people who’ve seen this film likely … Continue reading Beginners: Waiting for the Lion

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

When the Yemeni Sheikh wants to introduce salmon fishing in his country, Britain’s leading fisheries expert (Ewan McGregor) is hired to take on the challenge… even though he doesn’t believe in the project at all. Paul Torday’s novel, which is based on real events, has often been described as “original”, which is hardly a word one … Continue reading Salmon Fishing in the Yemen


VISIONARY. LOVER. DREAMER. FIGHTER. LEGEND. ICON.  The story of how Amelia Earhart fell in love with flying airplanes at a time when it was not only dangerous but also a man’s job gets the traditional Hollywood treatment by director Mira Nair. We follow the groundbreaking aviator as she accomplishes herself in the sky and challenges … Continue reading Amelia

A Life Less Ordinary

A COMEDY FOR ANYONE WHO’S EVER BEEN IN DANGER… OF FALLING IN LOVE. Robert Lewis (Ewan McGregor) loses his job as a janitor and kidnaps the boss’s daughter (Cameron Diaz); two fallen angels (Holly Hunter, Delroy Lindo) try to make them fall in love. Director Danny Boyle followed his superior Shallow Grave (1994) and Trainspotting (1996) with something entirely different, … Continue reading A Life Less Ordinary

The Ghost Writer: Assisting Blair/Polanski

For Roman Polanski, the journey of The Ghost Writer ended in prison. After being arrested by Swiss authorities in September 2009, the filmmaker faced extradition to the U.S. on a 33-year-old conviction of unlawful sex with a minor. Not a person who gives up easily, Polanski spent his time in jail both fighting the extradition … Continue reading The Ghost Writer: Assisting Blair/Polanski

Angels & Demons

THEY HAVE COME FOR THEIR REVENGE. As the Pope dies and the College of Cardinals gathers to elect his successor, the mysterious Illuminati society seems hellbent on destroying the Vatican, and symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) becomes involved in the crisis. The sequel to The Da Vinci Code (2006) moves a little faster and has impressive action sequences; … Continue reading Angels & Demons

Star Wars Episode I: Vader’s Boyhood Years

EVERY GENERATION HAS A LEGEND. EVERY JOURNEY HAS A FIRST STEP. EVERY SAGA HAS A BEGINNING. According to Merriam Webster, the word “anticipation” means among other things “pleasurable expectation”. They might as well have included an image of the poster for this film, the fourth in the Star Wars series, the first in chronological order. George Lucas … Continue reading Star Wars Episode I: Vader’s Boyhood Years

Big Fish

AN ADVENTURE AS BIG AS LIFE ITSELF?   Tall tales are a natural part of the South and the leading character in director Tim Burton’s fantastical film has made his whole life a tall tale. While his son (Billy Crudup) bitterly tries to make the dying father (Albert Finney) tell something believable about his life, … Continue reading Big Fish