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The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call: New Orleans

THE ONLY CRIMINAL HE CAN’T CATCH IS HIMSELF. Six months after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans cop Terence McDonagh (Nicolas Cage), who’s hooked on painkillers (among other drugs), starts looking into who killed several illegal immigrants from Senegal. This film, which has nothing to do with the 1992 Bad Lieutenant, really could have ended either way. … Continue reading The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call: New Orleans

Clear History

A STORY OF WEALTH, FAME, POWER… AND THIS GUY.   Nathan Flomm (Larry David), who’s moved to Martha’s Vineyard and assumed a new identity after botching the greatest business deal in history, suddenly sees his former partner (Jon Hamm) there and plots revenge… This HBO project was made in the same vein as David’s Curb … Continue reading Clear History

Fast Five

Dominic, Brian and Mia (Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster) are on the lam in Rio de Janeiro where they make enemies with a local crime lord… and are hunted by a zealous federal agent (Dwayne Johnson). A turning point in this franchise, resulting in a very intense heist movie with the occasional street racing … Continue reading Fast Five

The Place Beyond the Pines

In Blue Valentine (2010), director Derek Cianfrance explored a marriage over several years. This time, his story evolves over 15 years as we first follow a man (Ryan Gosling) who becomes a bank robber, then a cop (Bradley Cooper) who takes a bullet in the line of duty, and eventually both men’s teenage sons as … Continue reading The Place Beyond the Pines

The Other Guys

When two hot-shot NYC cops are killed in action, it is up to desk-bound colleagues Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz (Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg) to pick up the baton. Adam McKay’s buddy-cop spoof is a definite improvement on his Step Brothers (2008); it may be loud and dumb, but at least it’s got plenty of … Continue reading The Other Guys

The Women

IT’S ALL ABOUT… When fashion designer Mary Haines (Meg Ryan) finds out that her husband is having an affair with a Saks salesgirl (Eva Mendes), it becomes an opportunity to change her life… Murphy Brown creator Diane English finally realized her dream project, an updated remake of The Women (1939), but it wasn’t worth the … Continue reading The Women

The Spirit

MY CITY SCREAMS. SHE IS MY LOVER. AND I AM HER SPIRIT. In Central City, the Spirit (Gabriel Macht) prepares to do battle with his worst enemy (Samuel L. Jackson)… and deal with the return of his former teenage sweetheart (Eva Mendes). After co-directing Sin City (2005), celebrated graphic-novel artist Frank Miller directed this take … Continue reading The Spirit

Knocked Up

WHAT IF THIS GUY GOT YOU PREGNANT? When a one-night stand leaves Alison (Katherine Heigl) pregnant, she and Ben (Seth Rogen) agree to have the baby and get to know each other… but he’s not really ready to change his life. Another overlong, profanity-laden but warm and funny film from the guy who brought us The 40 … Continue reading Knocked Up

We Own the Night

TWO BROTHERS ON OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE LAW. BEYOND THEIR DIFFERENCES LIES LOYALTY. In 1988, New York nightclub manager Bobby Green (Joaquin Phoenix) has to decide which side he’s going to be on – the brutal drug dealers at the club or his father and brother who are both cops. Director James Gray returned to themes … Continue reading We Own the Night

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

THE TIME HAS COME. The third part of the trilogy that began with El Mariachi (1992) sees the guitar-playing desperado (Antonio Banderas) lured out of retirement to stop a Mexican general from overthrowing the President after his decision to destroy a drug cartel. Director Robert Rodriguez does his best to entertain us in lieu of … Continue reading Once Upon a Time in Mexico