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From Here to Eternity: Before Armageddon

POURING OUT OF IMPASSIONED PAGES… BRAWLING THEIR WAY TO GREATNESS ON THE SCREEN! This is what Michael Bay was aiming for when he made Pearl Harbor (2001) – hopefully engaging romantic antics that are suddenly interrupted in the end by an armageddon of sorts, the Japanese attack on Hawaii that brought the United States into … Continue reading From Here to Eternity: Before Armageddon


THERE’S NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE.  Former CIA agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is targeted by a team of killers, but escapes; he subsequently gathers old pros and goes after those responsible for the attack. This adaptation of a graphic novel may lack the kind of visual flair that most have, and it also has a … Continue reading Red

Bad Day at Black Rock: Stranger Off a Train

SUDDENLY YOU REALIZE MURDER IS AT YOUR ELBOW – AND THERE’S NO WAY OUT!   It may be the film John Sturges wants to be remembered by. It is also a project that Don Siegel would have loved to helm. But its star, Spencer Tracy, was less than thrilled. After initially being talked into playing … Continue reading Bad Day at Black Rock: Stranger Off a Train

Dirty Dozen: Band of Bandits

TRAIN THEM! EXCITE THEM! ARM THEM!… THEN TURN THEM LOOSE ON THE NAZIS! When Roger Ebert sat down to review this film in 1967, he couldn’t get past one scene that comes near the end. I’ve seen so much senseless violence in movies (and so has he) that I would have barely reacted had I … Continue reading Dirty Dozen: Band of Bandits

Marty: Breaking the Rut

IT’S THE LOVE STORY OF AN UNSUNG HERO! Paddy Chayefsky originally wrote this story as a teleplay, which was filmed in 1953 as part of The Goodyear Television Playhouse, an anthology series on NBC. Rod Steiger starred as Marty, but when the opportunity arose to turn the story into a feature film, Robert Aldrich allegedly suggested to … Continue reading Marty: Breaking the Rut


KRISTOFFERSON AND MACGRAW… AIN’T NOTHIN’ GONNA GET IN THEIR WAY! A group of truckers, unwillingly led by Martin “Rubber Duck” Penwald (Kris Kristofferson), gets drawn into a feud with a small-town sheriff (Ernest Borgnine) that quickly escalates into a phenomenon. Based on a popular song by C.W. McCall, this could be the dumbest movie Sam Peckinpah … Continue reading Convoy

Poseidon Adventure: From Top to Bottom

HELL, UPSIDE DOWN. When I was a kid I fell in love with disaster movies. I’m not sure why, but I know that I still love to watch a group of people fight for their lives in an isolated area. Survivor is a great idea for a reality show. My favorite among the disaster movies is The Poseidon … Continue reading Poseidon Adventure: From Top to Bottom

Ice Station Zebra

AN AMERICAN NUCLEAR SUB… A SKY FULL OF RUSSIAN PARATROOPERS… AND A RACE FOR THE SECRET OF ICE STATION ZEBRA! An American nuclear sub heads for the North Pole on a rescue mission; on board is a British agent (Patrick McGoohan) who won’t tell anyone what he’s up to… as well as a traitor. Curiously remembered … Continue reading Ice Station Zebra


Some time in the near future, the population of Earth has been divided into two classes – those who were born the natural way and those who were genetically enhanced; one of the “in-Valids” (Ethan Hawke) assumes the identity of a “Valid” to live as a perfect human being. A low-key science fiction movie that may … Continue reading Gattaca