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Mary Poppins: Sorting Out the Bankses

IT’S SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS! The story of how Walt Disney convinced the British-Australian author P.L. Travers to let him turn her books about Mary Poppins into a live-action film was amusingly told in Saving Mr. Banks (2013). Why it took him decades to convince her is no mystery – when he first talked to her about it … Continue reading Mary Poppins: Sorting Out the Bankses

Witness for the Prosecution: Breaking a Barrister

UNMATCHED… IN A HALF CENTURY OF MOTION PICTURE SUSPENSE! In my review of And Then There Were None (1945), I wrote that the film could be the best Alfred Hitchcock movie the director never made. The same has been said of Witness for the Prosecution. Obviously, both films have one thing in common – they … Continue reading Witness for the Prosecution: Breaking a Barrister

The Razor’s Edge

HUNGER NO LOVE… WOMAN… OR WEALTH COULD SATISFY! In 1919, WWI veteran Larry Darrell (Tyrone Power) comes to a party in Chicago and tells his fiancé (Gene Tierney) that he intends to go to Paris and just loaf around; she’s far from thrilled. The first adaptation of a novel famed for having introduced Eastern philosophy … Continue reading The Razor’s Edge

The Bishop’s Wife

An angel (Cary Grant) comes to see a bishop (David Niven) who’s struggling with the construction of a new cathedral… but his assignment is more important than that. One year after It’s a Wonderful Life came another Christmas fable, although far from as memorable. This one has a very dapper Grant who comes between the … Continue reading The Bishop’s Wife

Murder by Death

BY THE TIME THE WORLD’S GREATEST DETECTIVES FIGURE OUT WHODUNNIT… YOU COULD DIE LAUGHING! Six of the world’s greatest detectives gather at a remote mansion, but are not prepared for the mysterious host’s (Truman Capote) deadly games… This film is a delight for anyone who knows how to appreciate Neil Simon’s sense of humor as well … Continue reading Murder by Death

Bride of Frankenstein: They Belong Dead

A MATE… FOR THE MONSTER! Perhaps the filmmakers felt that their original adaptation of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” came up short. The film was inspired by the novel, but left out much of the plot in favor of a simpler storyline. One of the ingredients that never made it into the first film was the story … Continue reading Bride of Frankenstein: They Belong Dead