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Double Indemnity: Film Noir’s Finest

FROM THE MOMENT THEY MET IT WAS MURDER! Double Indemnity came as sort of a relief. After spending a lot of time during my film classes watching the Soviet and Italian classics (which were undeniably an eye-opening experience), I was sort of longing to see something from the place I had fallen in love with … Continue reading Double Indemnity: Film Noir’s Finest

10 Hollywood Icons and Their Political Awakening

A few days ago, I finished Steven J. Ross’s book “Hollywood Left and Right: How Movie Stars Shaped American Politics”, where the writer has profiled the political careers of ten liberal and conservative Hollywood figures. He chose his subjects well, because they differ a lot from each other. Some of them were movement politicians, meaning they … Continue reading 10 Hollywood Icons and Their Political Awakening

Soylent Green

IT’S THE YEAR 2022… PEOPLE ARE STILL THE SAME. THEY’LL DO ANYTHING TO GET WHAT THEY NEED. AND THEY NEED SOYLENT GREEN. New York, 2022; cop Robert Thorn (Charlton Heston) investigates the murder of a wealthy businessman who was involved with the Soylent corporation, which manufactures a mysterious food called Soylent Green. This dystopia portrays … Continue reading Soylent Green