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Constant Gardener: Nursing Africa

LOVE. AT ANY COST. What is it that a gardener does? He makes his garden grow. He tends to it, protects it. Whenever there’s a threat to his garden, like weeds, he quickly neutralizes it. The garden wouldn’t survive without him; it would destroy itself. Africa is like a garden and it wouldn’t survive without … Continue reading Constant Gardener: Nursing Africa

Courage Under Fire

A MEDAL FOR HONOR. A SEARCH FOR JUSTICE. A BATTLE FOR TRUTH. Lieutenant Colonel Nat Serling (Denzel Washington) looks into the case of a helicopter pilot (Meg Ryan) who died in the Gulf War; she’s set to receive the Medal of Honor posthumously, but something is wrong. Washington reunites with Glory (1989) director Edward Zwick … Continue reading Courage Under Fire

Dark Blue

SWORN TO PROTECT. SWORN TO SERVE. SWORN TO SECRECY.  Just days before the 1992 L.A. riots, corrupt cop Eldon Perry and his young partner (Kurt Russell, Scott Speedman) investigate a case of homicide/robbery that will truly put them to the test. It’s not the first time writer James Ellroy portrays police corruption; the style of … Continue reading Dark Blue

The Next Best Thing

BEST FRIENDS MAKE THE BEST MISTAKES. Yoga instructor Abbie Reynolds (Madonna) gets drunk one evening and ends up in bed with her equally inebriated best friend Robert (Rupert Everett), who’s actually gay; then she learns she’s pregnant… Here’s a serious drama that tries to examine the concept of modern families, but the filmmakers’ ambitions are … Continue reading The Next Best Thing

The Missing

HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO, HOW MUCH WOULD YOU SACRIFICE TO GET BACK WHAT YOU HAVE LOST? New Mexico, 1885; Magdalena Gilkeson’s (Cate Blanchett) daughter is kidnapped by slave traders and she’s forced to work with her estranged father (Tommy Lee Jones) who knows how to track them down. A surprisingly involving (and occasionally cruel) … Continue reading The Missing

Little Buddha

As we follow Lama Norbu’s (Ying Ruocheng) quest to find his reincarnated teacher in Seattle, we’re also served the story of how Prince Siddharta (Keanu Reeves) once attained enlightenment. Bernardo Bertolucci returns to The Last Emperor (1987) territory with parallel tales about the rise of Buddhism and how it fits into the modern world 2,500 … Continue reading Little Buddha

L.A. Law: The Sunny Side of the Street

After years of portraying the seediest police precinct ever seen on American TV, Hill Street Blues writer Steven Bochco decided it was time to show the opposite. He teamed up with Hollywood attorney Terry Louise Fisher and created L.A. Law. Low-lifes on Hill Street Blues were arrested and thrown in jail, but on L.A. Law they had the financial means to hire … Continue reading L.A. Law: The Sunny Side of the Street

Munich: No Promise of Peace

THE WORLD WAS WATCHING IN 1972 AS 11 ISRAELI ATHLETES WERE MURDERED AT THE MUNICH OLYMPICS. THIS IS THE STORY OF WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.  It was in a Time Magazine article shortly after the release of Munich that its director, Steven Spielberg, expressed a hope that the film would bring Palestinians and Israelis together. Perhaps … Continue reading Munich: No Promise of Peace