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Song of the South: Disney’s Bad Conscience

WE’RE HEADIN’ FOR THE LAUGHIN’ PLACE! It’s not like this classic Disney flick is banned. Since its premiere, Song of the South has been rereleased in theaters on several occasions, the last time in 1986. It has been made available for home viewing in Europe and Japan. But that still hasn’t happened in the U.S. … Continue reading Song of the South: Disney’s Bad Conscience

Shock and Awe

THE TRUTH MATTERS. Shortly after 9/11, a group of Washington reporters find out that the Bush Administration is preparing to attack Iraq based on lies and faulty intelligence. This story is interesting as a reminder for reporters to always dig deeper and not just blindly trust the most obvious sources. But as a movie it … Continue reading Shock and Awe

Sense and Sensibility: Thompson’s Triumph

LOSE YOUR HEART AND COME TO YOUR SENSES. On a November day in 1993, Emma Thompson came rushing over to her friend Stephen Fry. She was in the middle of writing her screen adaptation of Jane Austen’s ”Sense and Sensibility”, but the file had become corrupted. Her work had been rescued, but all the formatting … Continue reading Sense and Sensibility: Thompson’s Triumph

When They See Us

WHAT IF ALL BOYS WERE CREATED EQUAL? An entire nation was horrified by the Central Park Five case of 1989 – five young black and Hispanic men were sentenced to many years in prison for having attacked and raped a white woman in Central Park. But they were innocent. This miniseries shows how poorly police … Continue reading When They See Us

Chernobyl: System Failure

WHAT IS THE COST OF LIES? After the premiere of this excellent miniseries, Chernobyl fever gripped the United States and Europe. There was a renewed interest in debating nuclear power and its awesome dangers, which came right at a time when the climate crisis demands fossil-free energy sources and some politicians argue that new nuclear … Continue reading Chernobyl: System Failure

The Hummingbird Project

EVERYTHING IS ON THE LINE. When the ambitious Vincent Zaleski (Jesse Eisenberg) convinces his brilliant but socially awkward cousin (Alexander Skarsgård) to join him for a bold project that will have Wall Street’s attention, he has no idea what awaits him. A drama set in the world of trading where speed means everything – in … Continue reading The Hummingbird Project

Deadwood: The Movie

WELCOME THE FUCK BACK. In 1889, as South Dakota is celebrating its entrance into the Union, a few familiar faces are coming back to Deadwood where a significantly weakened Al Swearangen (Ian McShane) is still holding court. It took many years to get this TV movie, a bittersweet and very engaging conclusion to the 2004-2006 … Continue reading Deadwood: The Movie


The story of the the troubled but brilliant partnership, on and off stage, between the legendary choreographer and director Bob Fosse and the Broadway star Gwen Verdon gets a superb, dark treatment in this limited series. Throwing us back and forth between seminal events in their lives (while also constantly reminding us of mortality), we … Continue reading Fosse/Verdon