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My 12 Favorite Christmas Movies

We’re one week away from Christmas and everybody’s making lists of their favorite movies. As always, some are debating whether or not Die Hard belongs on the list. Don’t be silly, of course it does. What says Christmas more than “Now I have a machine gun, ho, ho ho”…? Here are my 12 favorites, a mix … Continue reading My 12 Favorite Christmas Movies

From Here to Eternity: Before Armageddon

POURING OUT OF IMPASSIONED PAGES… BRAWLING THEIR WAY TO GREATNESS ON THE SCREEN! This is what Michael Bay was aiming for when he made Pearl Harbor (2001) – hopefully engaging romantic antics that are suddenly interrupted in the end by an armageddon of sorts, the Japanese attack on Hawaii that brought the United States into … Continue reading From Here to Eternity: Before Armageddon

Dallas: Soap Opera Royalty

When we think about 1980s television, the supersoaps tend to overshadow everything else. The daytime soaps were in good shape ratings-wise and primetime was dominated by the likes of Dynasty and Falcon Crest. Whenever a miniseries was made, emphasis seemed to lie on beautiful, rich people in designer clothes doing spectacularly nasty things to each … Continue reading Dallas: Soap Opera Royalty

It’s a Wonderful Life: Wing and a Prayer

IT’S A WONDERFUL LAUGH! IT’S A WONDERFUL LOVE! This Christmas I decided to catch Frank Capra’s last masterpiece again. Having seen it several times before, I knew what to expect. It’s a great story and I was instantly drawn into it once again. Still, I thought I was much too jaded, that I would resist … Continue reading It’s a Wonderful Life: Wing and a Prayer