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Saving Private Ryan: Spielberg’s Hymn to the Fallen

THE MISSION IS A MAN. Steven Spielberg has directed several masterpieces over the years, but this one is the most controversial. The general sentiment expressed by snobs is that the first 20 minutes, depicting the invasion of Normandy, are outstanding, but the rest is typical Spielberg mush. It’s as if the fact that those 20 … Continue reading Saving Private Ryan: Spielberg’s Hymn to the Fallen


A true labor of love for Deadwood creator David Milch, this ambitious and star-studded look at the power players, horse trainers, gamblers and hangers-on at a race track in L.A. was abruptly canceled after the deaths of three horses. Considering the fact that Milch took his sweet time building the stories and character portrayals, the … Continue reading Luck

Midnight Run

A TOUGH BOUNTY HUNTER. A SENSITIVE CRIMINAL. Bounty hunter Jack Walsh (Robert De Niro) finds a runaway Mafia accountant (Charles Grodin) in New York and is set to take him to Los Angeles; he will face competition from the FBI, the Las Vegas mob and a rival bounty hunter. Four years after Beverly Hills Cop (1984), director Martin Brest … Continue reading Midnight Run

What Happens in Vegas

GET LUCKY.  In Las Vegas, slacker Jack Fuller (Ashton Kutcher) meets Joy McNally (Cameron Diaz) who’s just been dumped by her boyfriend; they get drunk… and married… and win a fortune, all of which lead to a variety of annoying consequences. It is easy to like this movie, at least on a superficial level (and … Continue reading What Happens in Vegas

Reindeer Games

THE TRAP IS SET. THE GAME IS ON. After getting out of prison, Rudy Duncan (Ben Affleck) assumes the identity of his murdered cellmate and gets himself involved in a very deadly scheme. At least director John Frankenheimer’s simple action thriller has attractive, wintry locations and a few exciting sequences. But this is a pretty … Continue reading Reindeer Games