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Batman & Robin

STRENGTH. COURAGE. HONOR. AND LOYALTY. Batman opus #4 threw in too many stupid one-liners and ridiculous gadgets; Batman even has a personal credit card. This is to some extent a (not very funny) comedy that doesn’t know what to focus on; there’s two villains, Batgirl is introduced, Batman and Robin fight over a woman and … Continue reading Batman & Robin

Batman Forever

COURAGE NOW, TRUTH ALWAYS… The third Batman film saw Tim Burton handing over directing duties to Joel Schumacher who brought some light into this franchise. It became more kiddie-oriented, the dialogue was more humorous and the colors became so bright they made one think of that old TV show. There was too much of everything; … Continue reading Batman Forever

Batman Returns

THE BAT, THE CAT, THE PENGUIN. The Caped Crusader returns, ready to do battle with the Penguin (Danny DeVito), a freak who has risen from Gotham City’s sewage works, and Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer), who is intrigued by the Bat. Director Tim Burton’s sequel is at times brutal and mean-spirited, featuring a touch of sadomasochism and a … Continue reading Batman Returns

Batman: The Jack Nicholson Show

  Tim Burton, a former Disney animator and director of a wild horror comedy called Beetle Juice (1988), suddenly found himself helming a major blockbuster. He carried a heavy burden of responsibility. His job was to make everyone forget the old 1960s TV series that turned Bob Kane’s Batman into an out-of-shape moralist. Burton’s film would introduce … Continue reading Batman: The Jack Nicholson Show

Batman Begins: A Very Dark Knight

  As it turned out, the definitive adaptation of “Batman” was not made in 1989. The Tim Burton movie showed a Caped Crusader quite different from the original Bob Kane creation, and light years from the campy 1960s TV series. But one of the darkest, most depressing comic book superheroes ever fashioned deserved a movie … Continue reading Batman Begins: A Very Dark Knight

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

THE POWER OF SEVEN BECOME A LEAGUE OF ONE. In 1899, supervillain The Fantom tries to create the greatest weapon in the world; a team of contemporary literary heroes must stop him. When you’re presented with a concept as interesting (and visual) as the one Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill came up with, it shouldn’t be … Continue reading The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The Addams Family

Uncle Fester (Christopher Lloyd), a member of the slightly morbid Addams family, suddenly returns from the Bermuda Triangle… but he is in fact an impostor. This movie version of Charles Addams’s cartoon actually has more in common with the classic TV show. Former cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld’s previous collaboration with the Coen brothers has left a mark; … Continue reading The Addams Family


THE TIME HAS COME FOR THOSE WHO ARE DIFFERENT TO STAND UNITED. For once the old cliché “bigger and better” is right on target. The story continues where the first movie left off and isolation and racism are once again themes. Don’t expect too many surprises in the story about a general (Brian Cox) who … Continue reading X2