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Stuck on You

BROTHERS STICK TOGETHER.  Conjoined twins Bob and Walt Tenor (Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear) go to Hollywood hoping to make a movie star out of Walt. This time the Farrelly brothers seem more intent than usual on proving that they’re not ridiculing people’s disabilities – so much so they forget to be funny. Some of the … Continue reading Stuck on You

View from the Top

DON’T STOP TILL YOU REACH THE TOP.  Donna (Gwyneth Paltrow) grows up in a small town dreaming of a better life; she gets a chance to become a first-class international flight attendant, but there’s complications… Made in 2001 and not released until two years later, few seemed to care about this romantic comedy in spite … Continue reading View from the Top

Bad Boys II

In this sequel the story is even less memorable (something about smuggling Ecstasy in corpses), but the action is good enough, especially a chase sequence where cars are thrown off a truck against the traffic. Unfortunately, several other astonishingly tasteless scenes make one wonder what director Michael Bay thinks is the stuff of good entertainment. … Continue reading Bad Boys II

The Wedding Planner

A ROMANTIC COMEDY ABOUT LOVE, DESTINY AND OTHER EVENTS YOU JUST CAN’T PLAN FOR. Wedding planner Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) has a romantic evening with doctor Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey), but soon learns that her new clients are… Edison and his fiancée. There’s something rotten in this set-up. Lopez plays a needlessly shallow person and … Continue reading The Wedding Planner

Bridget Jones’s Diary

IT’S MONDAY MORNING. BRIDGET HAS WOKEN UP WITH A HEADACHE, A HANGOVER AND HER BOSS. There was a lot of pressure on the filmmakers to make something good out of Helen Fielding’s bestseller, which portrayed a 32-year-old Londoner who sensed the time had come to choose between Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong. Fortunately, Richard Curtis … Continue reading Bridget Jones’s Diary

Free Money

RIGHT SCHEME, WRONG GUYS! Two klutzes (Charlie Sheen, Thomas Haden Church) accidentally knock up two sisters; their mean-spirited father, warden Sven Sorenson (Marlon Brando), decides to hold twin weddings. The filmmakers must have looked to the Coen brothers; there’s a few wild camera angles, colorful characters, crazy ingredients and a criminal enterprise. Too bad then … Continue reading Free Money