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Shakespeare in Love: Bringing the Bard to Life

A COMEDY ABOUT THE GREATEST LOVE STORY ALMOST NEVER TOLD. Let’s say William Shakespeare knew how to time travel. Let’s say he came to 1998, went to the movies and saw John Madden’s film Shakespeare in Love. Do you think he would disapprove? I believe he would be quite enchanted with what’s unfolding on screen. William Shakespeare … Continue reading Shakespeare in Love: Bringing the Bard to Life

To Be or Not to Be

THAT IS THE MOVIE! Ernst Lubitsch’s 1942 film with the same title featured a Polish theater ensemble facing its biggest challenge when the Nazis take Warsaw. Some viewers may be surprised to find Mel Brooks involved in this remake, but it’s not really that far-fetched considering his previous efforts to neutralize evil by making fun … Continue reading To Be or Not to Be

Krippendorf’s Tribe

THE LAST UNDISCOVERED TRIBE IS ABOUT TO EXPOSE THEMSELVES.  Anthropologist James Krippendorf (Richard Dreyfuss) is having financial difficulties and comes up with a way to make money – inventing an undiscovered tribe in New Guinea. It’s a little depressing to see Dreyfuss’s talent for comedy (which was on full display in The Goodbye Girl (1977)) … Continue reading Krippendorf’s Tribe

‘Allo, ‘Allo: Getting Along in Nouvion

Throughout the 1970s, David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd were reaping the rewards of having created one of the most successful British sitcoms of the decade, Are You Being Served? (1972-1985). But in the early ‘80s the funnymen were looking for a new project. They decided to make a parody of a well-respected drama series called Secret Army (1977-1979). After … Continue reading ‘Allo, ‘Allo: Getting Along in Nouvion

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Fans of Jacques Cousteau are either going to be very amused or very insulted by Wes Anderson’s colorful but inconsequential film about a deep-sea explorer (Bill Murray) who mounts an expedition to find the mysterious jaguar shark that killed his best friend. Along for the ride is the explorer’s son (Owen Wilson); the absent father … Continue reading The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Best in Show

SOME PETS DESERVE A LITTLE MORE RESPECT THAN OTHERS.  Another Christopher Guest mockumentary, this time focusing on dog shows, as we are introduced to a number of colorful dog owners as they try to take the prize at a Philadelphia dog show. The dialogue was supposedly improvised, but that’s not a problem when you’re dealing … Continue reading Best in Show


THE CON IS ON. Low-budget movie producer Bobby Bowfinger (Steve Martin) is trying to get his dream project off the ground; the film’s lead is played by action-movie star Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy)… but he has no idea. We’ve seen good-hearted con artists with crazy ideas before in Martin’s films. He’s fun as the frequently … Continue reading Bowfinger

Bringing Down the House

EVERYTHING HE NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT LIFE, SHE LEARNED IN PRISON. Attorney Peter Sanderson (Steve Martin) finds out that the woman he’s been wooing in an Internet chat room really is a big, black ex-convict (Queen Latifah) who wants his help. This comedy of culture clashes has stereotypes, an obvious formula and a tendency to … Continue reading Bringing Down the House

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

REMARKABLE. UNBELIEVABLE. IMPOSSIBLE. AND TRUE. An old man interrupts a rowdy theater rendition of baron Munchausen’s life to let the audience know who the real guy was. Do you dare challenge his words? A series of colorful vignettes follow this introduction; they are fast and funny, as the most notorious liar in all literature visits … Continue reading The Adventures of Baron Munchausen