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The Incredibles: It’s a Family Affair

SAVE THE DAY. In 1999, there was a film called The Iron Giant. It was an animated tale about a boy who ran into a being from outer space, a gigantic figure made of iron. The giant was befriended by the boy, but the grown-ups feared it was nothing but a massive weapon of mass destruction … Continue reading The Incredibles: It’s a Family Affair

The Pentagon Wars

THEY AIMED TO BUILD THE ULTIMATE FIGHTING MACHINE… THEY MISSED. Some time during the late 1980s, Lieutenant Colonel James Burton (Cary Elwes) is assigned to test the new Bradley fighting vehicle and discovers it is a disastrous project. This HBO TV movie tells the utterly absurd story of how the Bradley came to be. The … Continue reading The Pentagon Wars

O Brother: Men of Constant Sorrow

THEY HAVE A PLAN, BUT NOT A CLUE. In Preston Sturges’s classic film Sullivan’s Travels (1942), Joel McCrea’s character, a Hollywood movie director, sets out to experience “the real world” as a way of preparing himself for his next film. He believes that great art can only be created in an atmosphere of social realism, but he … Continue reading O Brother: Men of Constant Sorrow

The Terminal

LIFE IS WAITING. When his passport is revoked and the authorities forbid him from leaving the JFK airport, East European tourist Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) creates a life for himself in the terminal. It’s really a tragic story, but Steven Spielberg nevertheless comes up with a romantic comedy. It may be a bit too saccharine, … Continue reading The Terminal

Pushing Tin

A COMEDY ABOUT LIFE, LOVE, AIRPLANES AND OTHER BUMPY RIDES. Mysterious air-traffic controller Russell Bell (Billy Bob Thornton) gets a job at a New York airport; one of his colleagues, Nick Falzone (John Cusack), “accidentally” sleeps with his wife. The best part of this movie is its both humorous and sober portrayal of life in … Continue reading Pushing Tin

Almost Heroes

ALMOST HISTORY… ALMOST LEGENDS… MOSTLY RIDICULOUS.  In the beginning of the 19th century, explorers Lewis and Clark found a way to the Pacific through the wild, uncharted American West… but this is not a film about them. Matthew Perry and Chris Farley play a couple of boneheads who follow the famous explorers in their footprints, … Continue reading Almost Heroes

Shrek 2

ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME… Newly-weds Shrek and Fiona visit the princess’ parents and cross swords with the Ferry Godmother who wanted her son to marry Fiona. A typical example of how some filmmakers are first given a budget and then have to try to come up with a way to continue a finished story. The amazing … Continue reading Shrek 2

Shrek: Green Is Beautiful

THE GREATEST FAIRY TALE NEVER TOLD. There’s a new ogre in town and he’s not making Disney happy. Just imagine taking beloved fairy-tale characters like Pinocchio and Cinderella, stars in their own right, and reducing them to insignificant (and somewhat annoying) supporting parts in an all-new fairy tale. And those who are doing it are … Continue reading Shrek: Green Is Beautiful