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Other Side of the Wind: Welles’s White Whale

40 YEARS IN THE MAKING. HIS FINAL FILM.  Everybody in the film business has an opinion on Netflix. Theater owners are particularly upset about major awards going to Netflix movies that are being shown just a few weeks in theaters and then immediately being available for streaming. Others in Hollywood thank Netflix for giving them … Continue reading Other Side of the Wind: Welles’s White Whale

La Cérémonie

Not director Claude Chabrol’s first successful adaptation of an Anglo-Saxon crime novel – there was also Le Cri de Hibou (1987). It keeps you on edge, this story of how a post office cashier (Isabelle Huppert) becomes a major influence in Sophie’s (Sandrine Bonnaire) life and work as a hired help in a wealthy family’s home – … Continue reading La Cérémonie

Comedy of Power

Judge Jeanne Charmant-Killman (Isabelle Huppert) begins an investigation of a businessman (François Berléand); the closer she comes to the corruption in political and business circles, the more threats she receives. Director Claude Chabrol based this laidback portrayal of the worst members of France’s ruling elite on the early-nineties Elf Affair in that country. Huppert is … Continue reading Comedy of Power

Merci Pour le Chocolat

Jeanne (Anna Mouglalis), a young piano student, takes lessons from André Polonski (Jacques Dutronc) who recently remarried his first wife, Mika (Isabelle Huppert), a famous chocolatier whose brews are occasionally quite deadly. A pleasant little middle-class mystery from director Claude Chabrol about two families who are intertwined by accident; there’s powerful emotions beneath the surface, … Continue reading Merci Pour le Chocolat