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Little Women

SAVE A PLACE IN YOUR HEART FOR THE UNFORGETTABLE STORY OF THESE LITTLE WOMEN. Gillian Armstrong’s most successful Hollywood project is one of the best adaptations of Louisa May Alcott’s novel, portraying a Massachusetts family of four sisters during and after the Civil War, primarily focusing on Jo (Winona Ryder) who wants to be a … Continue reading Little Women

Temple Grandin

WHAT MADE HER DIFFERENT MADE HER EXCEPTIONAL. The story about the real-life Temple Grandin is more remarkable than this TV movie, but the filmmakers do their best to illustrate Grandin’s autism and how it made her view her surroundings, always thinking in pictures, which ultimately helped her become an innovator in the cattle industry and … Continue reading Temple Grandin


THE FAIRYTALE THAT WON’T BEHAVE.  Teenager Tristan (Charlie Cox) crosses a wall into a magical realm where he goes looking for a fallen star that he intends to bring to a girl he loves, but there’s dangerous competition. The Layer Cake director got Neil Gaiman’s blessing to bring his novel to the big screen, but … Continue reading Stardust

The Family Stone

FEEL THE LOVE. The Stone family is reunited for Christmas in Connecticut; son Everett (Dermot Mulroney) brings his new girlfriend (Sarah Jessica Parker) who becomes anything but a hit. Director Thomas Bezucha’s second film is reminiscent of many other Christmas movies, but it manages to overcome its predictability and turn into a funny, genuine and quite … Continue reading The Family Stone

Princess Mononoke

THE FATE OF THE WORLD RESTS ON THE COURAGE OF ONE WARRIOR.  Ashitaka, a warrior who suffers from a curse, ends up in the middle of a conflict between humans who are wrecking the forest, and its creatures who are accompanied by a girl called “Princess Mononoke”. The movie that helped bring greater international attention … Continue reading Princess Mononoke


RELATIONSHIPS DON’T ALWAYS FIT LIKE A GLOVE.  A Los Angeles salesgirl (Claire Danes) is courted by two men; the hopelessly immature Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman) and the older, sophisticated and wealthy Ray (Steve Martin). A cute story by Martin in the style of a fairy tale eventually turns into an increasingly engaging drama as the young … Continue reading Shopgirl

The Hours: A Fight For Survival

THE TIME TO HIDE IS OVER. THE TIME TO REGRET IS GONE. THE TIME TO LIVE IS NOW. When author Michael Cunningham finished work on his novel “The Hours”, he must have given himself a pat on the shoulder. His original intention was to make a contemporary update of Virginia Woolf’s classic “Mrs. Dalloway”, but … Continue reading The Hours: A Fight For Survival

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

THE MACHINES WILL RISE. The third part is uncomplicated and dares to challenge the concept a bit. Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as the now obsolete machine that is still out to protect John Connor – and his future wife. It’s easy to feel sympathy for him as well as for the couple that is marked … Continue reading Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines