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The Party

A COMEDY OF TRAGIC PROPORTIONS.  After being announced as shadow minister for health, Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) is having a group of friends and allies over to celebrate, but some of them have startling news. A well-received comedy from Sally Potter that satirizes politics by arranging a dinner that turns into a farce even before … Continue reading The Party

Dunkirk: Surviving the Beach

AT THE POINT OF CRISIS, AT THE POINT OF ANNIHILATION, SURVIVAL IS VICTORY.  About 25 years ago, Christopher Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas were crossing the English Channel together with a friend. They were in a small sailing yacht headed for the northeastern French town of Dunkirk, but what initially looked like a pleasant … Continue reading Dunkirk: Surviving the Beach

In the Heart of the Sea

EXPERIENCE THE TRUE ENCOUNTER THAT INSPIRED THE MYTH MOBY DICK. In 1850, author Herman Melville (Ben Wishaw) hears the story of how the whaling ship Essex encountered a huge, aggressive albino sperm whale thirty years earlier and was sunk. The real-life drama that inspired the great American classic ”Moby-Dick” doesn’t live up to its epic … Continue reading In the Heart of the Sea


WHAT IF A NEW INTELLIGENCE WAS BORN? When brilliant scientist Will Caster (Johnny Depp) is mortally wounded in a terrorist attack, his wife and a colleague (Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany) upload his consciousness into a super computer… with unimaginable consequences. Cinematographer Wally Pfister’s directing debut envisions a world where “the singularity”, the moment when artificial … Continue reading Transcendence

Dark Knight Rises: The Bat vs. Bane

A FIRE WILL RISE. On the night of this film’s intensely anticipated premiere, a 24-year-old man attacked a midnight screening in Aurora, Colorado and murdered 12 people. The horrendous act caused the studio to remove ads for the The Dark Knight Rises and director Christopher Nolan released a statement where he called the movie theater … Continue reading Dark Knight Rises: The Bat vs. Bane

In Time

LIVE FOREVER OR DIE TRYING. In the future, when people stop aging after 25 but need to keep earning time in order to stay alive, a factory worker (Justin Timberlake) saves a man’s life and is richly rewarded, for better and worse. Another futuristic nightmare vision from the Gattaca (1997) director. Replacing money with time … Continue reading In Time

Inception: Dream Warriors

YOUR MIND IS THE SCENE OF THE CRIME. One of the most exciting things we can experience in our lives takes place when we sleep. Scenarios play out in our dreams that are genuinely unpredictable and emotional. Regardless of whether they happen in a large-scale setting or in more intimate situations, dreams remind us of … Continue reading Inception: Dream Warriors

The Dark Knight: Say It With a Smile

WELCOME TO A WORLD WITHOUT RULES. “Why so serioussss?”, hisses the Joker as he flashes his retarded grin. This is after committing several murders, throwing Gotham City into disarray and before trying to force two boatloads of people to choose which one of the groups should perish first. It’s easy to see why people fail … Continue reading The Dark Knight: Say It With a Smile

Girl With a Pearl Earring

BEAUTY INSPIRES OBSESSION. In the 1660s, a young girl called Griet (Scarlett Johansson) is employed in the household of painter Johannes Vermeer (Colin Firth); she inspires him for his greatest work. There isn’t much we know about Vermeer, so this story takes liberties but few will mind. The script, detailing Vermeer’s work on “Girl With … Continue reading Girl With a Pearl Earring

28 Days Later: The End of Britain

THE DAYS ARE NUMBERED. Danny Boyle is emerging as one of the most interesting British directors of our time. This is not only because he is obviously gifted, but also because he always chooses surprising and very varied projects. After portraying Edinburgh heroin addicts in Trainspotting, making a star-studded comedy, A Life Less Ordinary, and turning Alex … Continue reading 28 Days Later: The End of Britain