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My 12 Favorite Superhero Movies

Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe started dominating the global box office, superheroes have become a safe bet. You may say you’ve grown tired of the genre, but it’s made important cultural advances over the years. They have become more inclusive when it comes to women and minorities, even if the safe basic formulas  really … Continue reading My 12 Favorite Superhero Movies

Superman: The Rise of Reeve

YOU’LL BELIEVE A MAN CAN FLY. Some of the most amusing behind-the-scenes stories surrounding this now classic superhero movie concern Marlon Brando, who plays Superman’s dad Jor-El in the ten-minute long, impressively staged, opening sequence on Krypton. Apparently, Brando’s salary for this little effort made him the highest paid actor at the time. He allegedly … Continue reading Superman: The Rise of Reeve

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

NUCLEAR POWER. IN THE BEST HANDS, IT IS DANGEROUS. IN THE HANDS OF LEX LUTHOR, IT IS PURE EVIL. THIS IS SUPERMAN’S GREATEST BATTLE. AND IT IS FOR ALL OF US.  Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman) escapes from prison and creates a powerful new enemy for Superman (Christopher Reeve) with a little help from one of … Continue reading Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Remains of the Day: Duty Above All

It happens, although not very often, that a filmmaker creates two masterpieces in a row. James Ivory and his team had barely released and received Oscars for Howards End (1992) when they made The Remains of the Day. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that virtually everyone who was involved in the E.M. Forster adaptation … Continue reading Remains of the Day: Duty Above All

Superman III

IF THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL COMPUTER CAN CONTROL EVEN SUPERMAN… NO ONE ON EARTH IS SAFE. When he tries to stop a pathetic computer genius (Richard Pryor) from helping a megalomaniacal business tycoon (Robert Vaughn), Superman (Christopher Reeve) ends up fighting an evil incarnation of himself. With Richard Lester in complete control at the helm, … Continue reading Superman III

Superman II

THE MAN OF STEEL MEETS HIS MATCH! As Superman (Christopher Reeve) and Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) continue their love story, three villains with the same powers as Superman’s threaten Earth. This sequel is close to the original, not only in story but style; most of the cast members also return. Director Richard Lester adds a … Continue reading Superman II