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Why Are We Creative: The Centipede’s Dilemma

German filmmaker Hermann Vaske spent 30 years working on various projects, but always returned to the fundamental question asked in the title of this documentary. As he meets one celebrity after the other while traveling all over Europe and the U.S., these undeniably creative people are sometimes startled to be asked that question and try … Continue reading Why Are We Creative: The Centipede’s Dilemma

Red Sparrow

SEDUCTIVE. DECEPTIVE. DEADLY.  When a Russian ballerina (Jennifer Lawrence) breaks her leg during a performance, she’s recruited by her uncle (Matthias Schonaerts) to become a ”sparrow” – an undercover agent who uses her body to trap targets. The lauded novel was written by a former CIA agent with insight into Soviet intelligence, but this adaptation … Continue reading Red Sparrow

45 Years: Solid and Fragile

DO WE REALLY KNOW OUR LOVED ONES? My parents have been married for 44 years. I’m fascinated by couples who have stayed together that many decades. I find it almost mysterious, this bond that evolves between two people. Sometimes people end up depending on each other for the wrong reasons, resulting in a bitter relationship … Continue reading 45 Years: Solid and Fragile

Stardust Memories

Famous film director Sandy Bates (Woody Allen) is attending a retrospective of his work, while also recalling the women who inspired him over the years. A lot of people saw a lot of Woody in the director who’s constantly tormented by fans who consider his earlier, funnier movies better than the ones he’s making now. … Continue reading Stardust Memories

Night Train to Lisbon

When a timid Swiss professor (Jeremy Irons) saves a young woman from jumping off a bridge, it leads him on an unpredictable journey to Lisbon and the story of a doctor (Jack Huston) who becomes involved in the resistance movement. Bille August’s take on the critically acclaimed novel is an example of why some books … Continue reading Night Train to Lisbon

The Duchess

THERE WERE THREE PEOPLE IN HER MARRIAGE. In the late 1700s, Georgiana (Keira Knightley) marries the terminally cold Duke of Devonshire (Ralph Fiennes); when she befriends Lady Bess Foster (Hayley Atwell), she has no idea how it will change her marriage… The real-life story of an ancestor to Princess Diana has similarities to her situation … Continue reading The Duchess

Dexter: Brother, Friend, Serial Killer

After the final season of Dexter, it’s kind of hard to remember how well received this show was at first. The main title sequence was pure brilliance. Set to Rolfe Kent’s disarmingly offbeat theme, it presented Dexter’s morning routines, but in such a clever way that simple acts of cracking eggs, grinding coffee beans, shaving … Continue reading Dexter: Brother, Friend, Serial Killer


As a giant planet called Melancholia may or may not collide with Earth, Justine (Kirsten Dunst) is about to get married but is overcome with depression. In Lars von Trier’s perhaps most obvious attempt to tackle his personal experiences of depression onscreen, he does it in the shape of a moody disaster movie. Divided into two … Continue reading Melancholia

The Verdict: Taking a Chance on Frank Galvin

FRANK GALVIN HAS ONE LAST CHANCE TO DO SOMETHING RIGHT.  Paul Newman had six Oscar nominations behind him when he was once again nominated in 1983, this time for his performance as an ambulance-chasing lawyer in The Verdict. He didn’t win the Oscar this time either, but it is one of his finest efforts. He … Continue reading The Verdict: Taking a Chance on Frank Galvin

Never Let Me Go

In a world where clones are raised to become organ donors, three of them try to come to grips with that inevitable fact – as well as the feelings they have for each other. Kazuo Ishiguro’s dystopia gets a respectable but perhaps overly solemn treatment by the One Hour Photo (2002) director. A very interesting … Continue reading Never Let Me Go

Georgy Girl: Finding Love in Swinging London

THE WILDEST THING TO HIT THE WORLD SINCE THE MINI-SKIRT! It would seem that the filmmakers had little confidence in their work. Co-writer Peter Nichols, who described it as “a bit of 1960s camp about a fat girl who finds love”, was asked by director Silvio Narizzano during a preview, “Who the hell is going … Continue reading Georgy Girl: Finding Love in Swinging London

The Statement

AT THE END OF WORLD WAR II, MANY OF THOSE INVOLVED IN WAR CRIMES WERE PROSECUTED. SOME GOT AWAY. UNTIL NOW.  French WWII criminal Pierre Brossard (Michael Caine) has been on the run since the 1940s, always relying on protection from Catholic Church officials; lately the heat has become almost too much to bear. No … Continue reading The Statement