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The birdcage

COME AS YOU ARE. When Armand Goldman’s (Robin Williams) son is getting married to the daughter of an arch-conservative Republican senator (Gene Hackman), there is one detail that needs to be covered up – the fact that Armand is a gay club owner. This Americanized, Miami-set version of the French La Cage aux Folles (1978) … Continue reading The birdcage

Ally McBeal: Justice In a Miniskirt

David E. Kelley has a silly side. Sure, he’s a former Boston lawyer. Yes, he’s married to Michelle Pfeiffer and yes, he’s now a successful television producer. But at least two of his shows, Ally McBeal and Boston Legal, have exposed him as a person who thinks the world of courtrooms and law firms is too much fun … Continue reading Ally McBeal: Justice In a Miniskirt