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A Christmas Carol

WHAT IF YOU HAD BUT A SINGLE NIGHT TO GET YOUR LIFE RIGHT? Director Robert Zemeckis had long admired the old Charles Dickens classic and found it perfect material for the performance capture technique he had championed in films like The Polar Express and Beowulf; this time it’s also in 3D. Often dazzling, with the … Continue reading A Christmas Carol

Snow White and the Huntsman

When Princess Snow White (Kristen Stewart) escapes from the prison cell where her now dead father’s wicked wife (Charlize Theron) put her, the new queen sends a troubled huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) out to catch her. The old fairy tale gets a makeover (released the same year as another version, Mirror Mirror) that should send audiences … Continue reading Snow White and the Huntsman

Mrs Henderson Presents

THE SHOW MUST GO ON, BUT THE CLOTHES MUST COME OFF. In 1937, newly widowed Laura Henderson (Judi Dench) buys a London theater, The Windmill, and spends World War II fighting with the manager (Bob Hoskins) and introducing nude tableaux. Director Stephen Frears’s film was based on real events, the story of how London got … Continue reading Mrs Henderson Presents

Maid in Manhattan

THIS CHRISTMAS… LOVE CHECKS IN. Chris Marshall (Ralph Fiennes), a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, falls in love with a shy socialite (Jennifer Lopez), who is actually just a hotel maid. Director Wayne Wang is not all that used to glossy Hollywood schmaltz and neither is Fiennes. They both seem ill at ease here, … Continue reading Maid in Manhattan

Enemy at the Gates

A BATTLE BETWEEN TWO NATIONS BECAME A CONFLICT BETWEEN TWO MEN.  Clever WWII marksman Vassili Zaitsev (Jude Law) becomes a living legend all over the USSR, but eventually has to face Nazi Germany’s best man. This multi-country endeavor avoids becoming an elephantine mess; versatile director Jean-Jacques Annaud expertly recreates a Stalingrad bombed to pieces, and … Continue reading Enemy at the Gates