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The Lego Movie

THE STORY OF A NOBODY WHO SAVED EVERYBODY. In the city of Bricksburg, happy-go-lucky construction worker Emmet Brickowoski meets a woman who believes that he is “the Special”, a person who is ultimately capable of stopping a superweapon. It may have looked like a stupid idea on paper, but the Cloudy With a Chance of … Continue reading The Lego Movie


NEVER TELL THEM THE ODDS.  In 1998, Star Wars nerd Linus (Christopher Marquette) learns that he has only months left to live and decides, together with his friends, to break into George Lucas’s ranch and steal a print of the upcoming Episode I. This movie has a somewhat troubled history, and was generally panned by … Continue reading Fanboys

Return of the Jedi: A Case of the Cutes

THE EMPIRE FALLS… When I told a friend of mine that I had recently reviewed the first three Star Wars movies and realized that the third film is inferior to the others, he objected. That’s the most entertaining chapter of them all, he argued, and I used to agree with him. But Return of the Jedi suffers from a … Continue reading Return of the Jedi: A Case of the Cutes

Empire Strikes Back: Deeper Space

THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES… I went back to this old favorite certain that I would be less impressed this time and give it a lower rating. But I’m surprised to say that the sequel to Star Wars is still a masterpiece as far as popcorn blockbusters go – and it’s quite different from its predecessor. The first film’s … Continue reading Empire Strikes Back: Deeper Space

Batman: The Jack Nicholson Show

  Tim Burton, a former Disney animator and director of a wild horror comedy called Beetle Juice (1988), suddenly found himself helming a major blockbuster. He carried a heavy burden of responsibility. His job was to make everyone forget the old 1960s TV series that turned Bob Kane’s Batman into an out-of-shape moralist. Burton’s film would introduce … Continue reading Batman: The Jack Nicholson Show