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Hannah and Her Sisters: Saved by the Marx Bros

There’s every reason for Mia Farrow not to enjoy watching this movie. Some of it was shot in her actual apartment, and she has talked about the creepy effect of sitting in one’s apartment flipping through channels and finding a movie that takes place exactly where you’re sitting. Then there’s also the fact that her … Continue reading Hannah and Her Sisters: Saved by the Marx Bros

The Right Stuff: Touching the Sky

HOW THE FUTURE BEGAN. I have never understood those people who have no interest in space. That’s like showing no interest in the questions that have occupied scientists and philosophers ever since mankind grew a brain large enough to use it for something other than gathering food. This is a film that portrays people who … Continue reading The Right Stuff: Touching the Sky

Black Swan: Diary of a Mad Woman

  The Wrestler (2008) portrayed an man who suffered for his art; as a professional wrestler he had to torture his body in order to give the audience what it craved. Director Darren Aronofsky considers Black Swan to be a companion piece. The film shares similar themes with The Wrestler, but its main focus doesn’t lie on the painful … Continue reading Black Swan: Diary of a Mad Woman

The Last Temptation of Christ

When Judas (Harvey Keitel), a Jewish resistance fighter, is sent to kill Jesus (Willem Dafoe), a carpenter who helps Romans construct crosses for crucifixions, he realizes that Jesus might in fact be the Messiah. An intensely religious retelling of the life of Jesus Christ that was much hated by conservatives for having the audacity to … Continue reading The Last Temptation of Christ

Lantana: Everybody Hurts

LOVE IS THE GREATEST MYSTERY. This film has been marketed as the new Short Cuts, and there’s some truth in that. This is another one of those grand movies with a sprawling cast of characters who are all intertwined in some way. Everyone has problems, and they all connect. Don’t look too hard for originality here. … Continue reading Lantana: Everybody Hurts