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The Equalizer 2

THERE IS NO EQUAL. When Robert McCall’s (Denzel Washington) closest friend and former colleague (Melissa Leo) is targeted in Brussels, he contacts DIA operative Dave York (Pedro Pascal) to help with the investigation… Washington and Antoine Fuqua deliver exactly what fans of the first movie should expect. A fairly ludicrous story that gets a shot … Continue reading The Equalizer 2


BELIEVE IN HOPE. Light heavyweight champ Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) is struck by a personal tragedy and has to start his life over, with help from a trainer (Forest Whitaker) in a small-time gym. Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter’s script has a few themes in common with that show, as it explores the consequences … Continue reading Southpaw

The Equalizer

WHAT DO YOU SEE WHEN YOU LOOK AT ME? When retired government operative Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) tries to help a prostitute (Chloë Grace Moretz) that he has befriended, he makes dangerous enemies in the shape of Russian mobsters. A clichéd adaptation of the 1985-1989 TV series that featured Edward Woodward as a gentlemanly but … Continue reading The Equalizer

Olympus Has Fallen

WE ARE NEVER STRONGER THAN WHEN WE ARE TESTED. When a North Korean terrorist and his elite team take over the White House and hold the President (Aaron Eckhart) hostage, one Secret Service agent (Gerard Butler) has a shot at saving the day. This old-fashioned, highly charged action thriller virtually plays like a remake of … Continue reading Olympus Has Fallen

Brooklyn’s Finest

THIS IS WAR. THIS IS BROOKLYN. A few days in the lives of three Brooklyn police officers – Eddie Dugan (Richard Gere) is retiring without any real merits; Sal Procida (Ethan Hawke) provides for his family by robbing drug dealers; and Clarence Butler (Don Cheadle) is under cover, desperately trying to end his current assignment. … Continue reading Brooklyn’s Finest


YESTERDAY WAS ABOUT HONOR. TODAY IS ABOUT JUSTICE. Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg), one of the nation’s top military snipers, is recruited to figure out how a presidential assassination might play out but ends up being chased by the authorities. Wahlberg is introduced as a Rambo for the new century in this entertaining action movie. … Continue reading Shooter

King Arthur

RULE YOUR FATE. Sometime in the 5th century, Sarmatian warrior Arthur (Clive Owen) and his men are given one final mission by Rome, to save a priest’s family from the Saxons. Written and scored by Gladiator collaborators, this film wants to be the definitive version of the King Arthur tale, placing it in locations that … Continue reading King Arthur