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Veep: Echoing the Age of Trump

In my review of the fabulous comedy In the Loop (2009), directed and co-written by Armando Iannucci who went on to create Veep for American television, I mentioned how the sadness and anger seep through the concept. That film, along with virtually everything else Iannucci has done, depicts politics as a heartless game where all … Continue reading Veep: Echoing the Age of Trump

My Girl

WHEN YOUR DAD’S AN UNDERTAKER, YOUR MOM’S IN HEAVEN, AND YOUR GRANDMA’S GOT A SCREW LOOSE… IT’S GOOD TO HAVE A FRIEND WHO UNDERSTANDS YOU. EVEN IF HE IS A BOY.  Summer, 1972; funeral director Harry Sultenfuss (Dan Aykroyd) hires a new makeup artist (Jamie Lee Lee Curtis) but at the same time his 11-year-old … Continue reading My Girl

In the Loop: My Way Or the Fucking Highway

THE FATE OF THE WORLD IS ON THE LINE. Every mild-mannered leader needs a brutal enforcer, a man prepared to walk over corpses to achieve purposes. President Barack Obama has Rahm Emanuel. Prime Minister Tony Blair had Alastair Campbell. Ever since the British comedy series The Thick of It premiered in 2005, the foul-mouthed character of Malcolm … Continue reading In the Loop: My Way Or the Fucking Highway