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Curse of the Were-Rabbit: Gorgeously Cheesy

SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY HOPS.  Here’s a few numbers for you: 2.8 tons of Plasticine in 42 colors were used for the characters and the miniature sets, of which there were 30; it took 44 pounds of glue every month to hold the sets together; the filmmakers got 3 seconds of footage every day and … Continue reading Curse of the Were-Rabbit: Gorgeously Cheesy

Monsters, Inc.

YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYE. Another well-made, good-looking film from Pixar, this time about a community of monsters in a city whose power supply consists of screams from children who have encountered the monsters in their bedrooms. When a human girl accidentally winds up in the city, two of the monsters try to bring her … Continue reading Monsters, Inc.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

FANTASY BECOMES REALITY.  In 2065, scientist Aki Ross is looking for spirits that could destroy creatures that are tormenting the people of Earth, but a general has dangerous plans of his own. Plenty of critics liked this space adventure, but to me this is nothing but another video game disastrously adapted for the big screen. … Continue reading Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

The Incredibles: It’s a Family Affair

SAVE THE DAY. In 1999, there was a film called The Iron Giant. It was an animated tale about a boy who ran into a being from outer space, a gigantic figure made of iron. The giant was befriended by the boy, but the grown-ups feared it was nothing but a massive weapon of mass destruction … Continue reading The Incredibles: It’s a Family Affair

Shrek 2

ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME… Newly-weds Shrek and Fiona visit the princess’ parents and cross swords with the Ferry Godmother who wanted her son to marry Fiona. A typical example of how some filmmakers are first given a budget and then have to try to come up with a way to continue a finished story. The amazing … Continue reading Shrek 2

Shrek: Green Is Beautiful

THE GREATEST FAIRY TALE NEVER TOLD. There’s a new ogre in town and he’s not making Disney happy. Just imagine taking beloved fairy-tale characters like Pinocchio and Cinderella, stars in their own right, and reducing them to insignificant (and somewhat annoying) supporting parts in an all-new fairy tale. And those who are doing it are … Continue reading Shrek: Green Is Beautiful

a bug’s life

AN EPIC OF MINIATURE PROPORTIONS.  In my opinion, a bug’s life and its competitor, Antz, are equally good, but this one might actually appeal more to kids. Conceived with plenty of imagination, this is a remake of The Seven Samurai with ants standing in for the villagers, grasshoppers for the parasitic bandits and a circus troupe of various insects for … Continue reading a bug’s life