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Suspiria: The Witches of Freiburg

ONCE YOU’VE SEEN IT, YOU WILL NEVER AGAIN FEEL SAFE IN THE DARK.  When Dario Argento came up with the idea for his most famous film, he was traveling through Europe. The journey reinforced his interest in the occult and he had been reading Thomas de Quincey’s famous collection of essays ”Suspiria de Profundis”, published … Continue reading Suspiria: The Witches of Freiburg

The Paradine Case

London barrister Anthony Keane (Gregory Peck) takes on the case of a mysterious woman (Alida Valli) who stands accused of having poisoned her older, blind husband. The last collaboration between Alfred Hitchcock and David O. Selznick is one of the director’s lesser films, which suffered from a troubled production. One often gets the feeling that … Continue reading The Paradine Case