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Manhattan Murder Mystery

When one of their neighbors suddenly dies, the Liptons (Woody Allen, Diane Keaton) begin to suspect that her husband is a killer… This hugely enjoyable but lightweight comedy with Hitchcockian flavors was originally going to be the story for Annie Hall (1977), but Allen found use for it a decade and a half later. Watching … Continue reading Manhattan Murder Mystery

What Women Want

HE HAS THE POWER TO HEAR EVERYTHING WOMEN ARE THINKING. FINALLY… A MAN IS LISTENING. After accidentally electrocuting himself, cocky and womanizing Chicago ad executive Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) realizes that he can hear what women are thinking… and the experience is a shock to him. Not one of Nancy Meyers’s finest romantic comedies, it … Continue reading What Women Want

Bridge of Spies

IN THE SHADOW OF WAR, ONE MAN SHOWED THE WORLD WHAT WE STAND FOR. After defending a Soviet spy (Mark Rylance), resulting in a guilty verdict, attorney James B. Donovan (Tom Hanks) is contacted by the USSR in the form of a backchannel message, indicating that they might be interested in a prisoner exchange… Set … Continue reading Bridge of Spies

Tower Heist

IT’S NOT JUST A ROBBERY. IT’S PAYBACK. When Josh Kovacs (Ben Stiller) and a group of employees at an exclusive NYC apartment building learn that one of the tenants, a Wall Street tycoon (Alan Alda), has embezzled their pension funds, they plot revenge. Certainly a heist movie for our times as the villain will remind audiences of Bernie … Continue reading Tower Heist

California Suite

THE BEST TWO-HOUR VACATION IN TOWN! A popular but slightly overrated adaptation of the Neil Simon Broadway hit that follows four couples visiting a Beverly Hills hotel, in the same fashion as Plaza Suite (1971). The best episodes are the ones with Michael Caine and Maggie Smith as two Academy Awards attendees, and Jane Fonda … Continue reading California Suite

And the Band Played On

A THREAT NO ONE DARED FACE. A WORD NO ONE WANTED TO SPEAK. A FIGHT FOR MANY, FOUGHT BY FEW.  In 1981, epidemiologist Don Francis (Matthew Modine) joins a team of researchers at the CDC who are trying to figure out the causes of a very deadly disease among gay men. Randy Shilts wrote an … Continue reading And the Band Played On

West Wing: A World Without Bush

I am a political nerd. Everything concerning American politics interests me. No wonder then that this show had me glued to the TV set. I’ve tried to be objective, but can only come to the conclusion that it is brilliant. Here’s why. When Aaron Sorkin wrote the script for the film The American President (1995), he came … Continue reading West Wing: A World Without Bush

Flirting With Disaster

HAVE YOU FLIRTED YET? Young husband and father Mel Coplin (Ben Stiller) feels insecure; when he learns the identity of his biological parents, he decides to track them down. An original, entertaining film from an equally amusing director, a road movie about a man’s need to stand on solid ground as his life changes. The … Continue reading Flirting With Disaster

The Aviator: The Way of the Future

SOME MEN DREAM THE FUTURE. HE BUILT IT.  Any filmmaker who had just spent an obscene amount of time working on a huge production the size of Gangs of New York (2002) would be forgiven for taking a few years off after completing the film. Especially when that filmmaker happens to be in his 60s. … Continue reading The Aviator: The Way of the Future