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Agnés Varda, 1928–2019

In the clip above, renowned (and beloved) French filmmaker Agnés Varda holds a TED talk in Venice Beach back in 2017. In it she talks about her career and the three themes that have guided her in life – inspiration, creation and sharing – and what that means in practice. Varda held this lecture on … Continue reading Agnés Varda, 1928–2019

Last Year at Marienbad: Haunting Memories

I remember watching this French New Wave classic in film school, being oddly fascinated by it even though we watched many other similarly slow-going movies that were anything but mesmerizing. The movie had the same effect on art-house crowds back in the early 1960s. Critics all over the world either tried to analyze what’s going … Continue reading Last Year at Marienbad: Haunting Memories