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Grand Budapest Hotel: Fighting a European Sickness

In February 1942, the Jewish writer Stefan Zweig and his wife were found dead in Brazil after committing suicide. In his native Austria, World War I had turned Zweig into a pacifist; when Hitler rose to power in Germany, the author fled to America and stayed in New York City for a while before moving … Continue reading Grand Budapest Hotel: Fighting a European Sickness

Cadillac Records

FOLLOW THE BEAT TO ITS SOURCE. In 1940s Chicago, Polish immigrant and jazz club entrepreneur Leonard Chess (Adrien Brody) gets involved with a record label and starts signing black artists that will change the history of rock ‘n’ roll… Darnell Martin’s chronicle of the rise and fall of Chess Records invites us into the lives, … Continue reading Cadillac Records

Harrison’s Flowers

SOMETIMES LOVE IS THE ONLY PROOF YOU NEED. During the Croatian War of Independence in 1991, American war correspondent Harrison Lloyd (David Strathairn) is assumed to have been killed, but his wife (Andie MacDowell) refuses to believe it and goes looking for him. Mixed reviews for this intense drama that boasts fine performances and horrifying … Continue reading Harrison’s Flowers

Thin Red Line: Days of Hell

EVERY MAN FIGHTS HIS OWN WAR. “I didn’t think he was capable of betrayal of this magnitude.” That quote is lifted from an Entertainment Weekly interview with one of the producers of this film, Robert Michael Geisler. He was referring to director Terrence Malick and those words illustrate to what degree the relationship between these … Continue reading Thin Red Line: Days of Hell

The Pianist: The Art of Survival

MUSIC WAS HIS PASSION. SURVIVAL WAS HIS MASTERPIECE. There’s a scene in Roman Polanski’s film where a Jewish ghetto police officer pulls the main character out of a line waiting to climb aboard a train to a death camp. After being told that his life was just saved, the protagonist begins to run away, but … Continue reading The Pianist: The Art of Survival

Midnight in Paris

On a visit to Paris, Hollywood screenwriter and would-be novelist Gil Pender (Owen Wilson) falls in love with the city to the degree that he actually journeys to the 1920s and the city’s community of famous artists… One of those rare things, a Woody Allen box-office hit, perhaps because of its light touch, romantic portrayal of … Continue reading Midnight in Paris


FEAR IS REBORN. A group of killers, including a black ops soldier (Adrien Brody) who assumes leadership, are dropped into a jungle where they seem to be hunted by predatory aliens. Not really a remake of the original Predator (1987); co-producer Robert Rodriguez prefers to see this film as the third chapter in the franchise. Actually, it looks … Continue reading Predators

The Brothers Bloom

THEY’D NEVER LET THE TRUTH COME BETWEEN THEM. Professional con artist Stephen Bloom (Mark Ruffalo) convinces his brother (Adrien Brody) to join him for one last swindle, targeting an eccentric heiress (Rachel Weisz). The director behind Brick (2005) delivers another quirky film, this time about a subject matter that I’m frankly pretty tired of. The … Continue reading The Brothers Bloom

Fantastic Mr. Fox

DIG THE LIFE FANTASTIC. Mr. Fox has started a family and left his old hell-raising days behind, but he finds a reason to do one last dangerous raid against three farmers. It may seem as if director Wes Anderson has chosen a completely new path in his career, but this animated feature has many of … Continue reading Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Darjeeling Limited

Peter and Jack (Adrian Brody, Jason Schwartzman) reunite with their brother Francis (Owen Wilson) on a train in India; they haven’t talked in a while, but Francis wants them to bond on this spiritual journey. Fans of director Wes Anderson will recognize his themes, approach and style, but I found myself more interested in the portrayal … Continue reading The Darjeeling Limited

King Kong: An Affair to Remember

THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD. The executives at Universal must have thought that Peter Jackson was crazy. Directing a three-hour remake of an old, classic monster movie sounded like a stupid idea, and the 1976 John Guillermin version was far from a masterpiece. But the suits must have seen some commercial possibilities in the … Continue reading King Kong: An Affair to Remember

The Village

RUN. THE TRUCE IS ENDING. The people of a small, isolated Pennsylvania village have a special agreement with the creatures that inhabit the surrounding woods, but an accident brings about changes… Director M. Night Shyamalan’s first major misstep is supposedly an allegory about America after 9/11, but the whole set-up suffers from a lack of logic … Continue reading The Village