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THE TIME HAS COME FOR THOSE WHO ARE DIFFERENT TO STAND UNITED. For once the old cliché “bigger and better” is right on target. The story continues where the first movie left off and isolation and racism are once again themes. Don’t expect too many surprises in the story about a general (Brian Cox) who … Continue reading X2


THE NAVAJO HAS THE CODE. PROTECT THE CODE AT ALL COSTS. During World War II, Marine Joe Enders (Nicolas Cage) is given the mission of protecting two Navajo codetalkers in Japan; they’re needed to translate battle orders. Apparently, director John Woo felt like doing something deeper in Hollywood apart from simple action movies, but his … Continue reading Windtalkers


LOG ON. HACK IN. GO ANYWHERE. STEAL EVERYTHING. Ace hacker Stanley Jobson (Hugh Jackman) is hired by the unreliable Gabriel Shears (John Travolta) to break the electronic security that protects government funds containing billions of dollars. There are interesting features in Travolta’s character; this criminal intends to use the money to fight terrorism and protect … Continue reading Swordfish

Deep Blue Sea

BIGGER. SMARTER. FASTER. MEANER. A bad storm strikes a scientific base in the middle of the ocean, setting loose a bunch of genetically enhanced sharks. Director Renny Harlin doesn’t hold back; there are plenty of nail-biting, watery scenes that are mercilessly interrupted by quick, vicious attacks. The CGI sharks are well crafted; they’re smarter and faster than in … Continue reading Deep Blue Sea

Charlie’s Angels

GET SOME ACTION. Three female agents (Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu) must find a kidnapped businessman, but too late do they realize that the mission is a trap. The old ‘70s show that relied on silly and sexy adventures got its widescreen remake and everything is of course souped-up to the nth degree. The actresses … Continue reading Charlie’s Angels

Die Another Day

HE’S NEVER BEEN COOLER. After being tortured by the North Koreans for 14 months, James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is released and clashes with a British adventurer, Gustav Graves (Toby Stephens). The 20th Bond movie is a 40th anniversary bash with plenty of memorabilia for the fans. But the film is overlong, Stephens’s baddy less than terrifying … Continue reading Die Another Day

The World Is Not Enough

AS THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM THERE IS STILL ONE NUMBER YOU CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON.  James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is assigned to protect an oil tycoon (Sophie Marceau) from competitors who crave control of the world’s oil supply. Number 19 in the series was directed by a man who really knows drama best, … Continue reading The World Is Not Enough

Air Force One

HARRISON FORD IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  Russian terrorists hijack Air Force One and demand the release of their imprisoned leader but don’t reckon with the president’s (Harrison Ford) will to survive. OK, so director Wolfgang Petersen’s movie tends to get patriotic in a slightly smothering way, the president is too good to be … Continue reading Air Force One

The Last Castle

A CASTLE CAN ONLY HAVE ONE KING. Three-star general Eugene Irwin (Robert Redford) is sentenced to ten years in prison and becomes uptight warden Winter’s (James Gandolfini) nightmare. I guess it’s hard to avoid the clichés when you’re making another movie about the big house, even if it is a military prison. Redford is good … Continue reading The Last Castle