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THE UNTOLD TRUE STORY THAT CHANGED THE COURSE OF HISTORY. In 2015, Adam McKay successfully depicted the 2008 financial crisis in The Big Short; this is another satirical look at a dark chapter in American political history. The rise of Dick Cheney gets a completely irreverent treatment, with amusingly dim-witted and mean-spirited performances by Sam … Continue reading Vice

Zero Dark Thirty: The End of the Sheik

THE GREATEST MANHUNT IN HISTORY. The portrayal of torture in Zero Dark Thirty has sparked a fierce debate, but those Academy members who are boycotting the film tread on thin ice. Perhaps they should reserve their ire for a movie that is clearly guilty of the accusation? Kathryn Bigelow has definitely come out against torture, … Continue reading Zero Dark Thirty: The End of the Sheik

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Some time after the death of his father (Tom Hanks) at 9/11, young Oskar Schell (Thomas Horn) finds a key inside an envelope marked with the word “Black”, and embarks on a quest to find the right “Black”. Considering the talent involved here, this is a huge disappointment, especially from a director who made The Hours (2002) work … Continue reading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

World Trade Center

THE WORLD SAW EVIL THAT DAY. TWO MEN SAW SOMETHING ELSE.  Conservatives seemed genuinely surprised to see Oliver Stone make such a patriotic and moving film about 9/11. But they must have taken him for a simple political pundit when in fact he remains one of Hollywood’s finest directors. This is the story of two … Continue reading World Trade Center

The Path to 9/11

THE YEARS THAT LED UP TO IT. EVERYTHING THAT MIGHT HAVE PREVENTED IT. FBI agent John O’Neill (Harvey Keitel) and White House counter-terrorism advisor Richard Clarke (Stephen Root) spend the 1990s hunting the terrorists who would eventually attack the U.S. on September 11th, 2001. Former Clinton White House officials (including Clarke) criticized this miniseries heavily … Continue reading The Path to 9/11