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The Sum of All Fears

27,000 NUCLEAR WEAPONS. ONE IS MISSING. Roughly a year after the terrorist attacks that pulverized the Twin Towers came the first movie that dared show a similar event, with a story that had European neo-fascists plotting to blow a nuclear bomb in Baltimore and make it look like the Russians did it. Not always credible, … Continue reading The Sum of All Fears

American Pie 2

This summer it’s all about sticking together. Maybe the funniest thing in the world is watching Seann William Scott think he’s drinking champagne and subsequently realize that it’s actually urine. Or, maybe not. There is one thing worth admiring about this follow-up. The entire cast committed to a second helping, in which the boys rent … Continue reading American Pie 2

The Thomas Crown Affair

HOW DO YOU GET THE MAN WHO HAS EVERYTHING? This longish but romantic remake of the elegant 1968 Norman Jewison caper manages to preserve the flair of the original. Admittedly, there is none of the technical playfulness that made Jewison’s film fun to watch, but the suggestive, unpredictable taunting between the insurance agent (Rene Russo) … Continue reading The Thomas Crown Affair

Welcome to Sarajevo

FOR THIS CELEBRATED, OUTRAGEOUS, ADRENALINE-LOVING BUNCH OF REPORTERS, HOME IS THE LATEST WAR ZONE. NOW, ONE OF THEM IS ABOUT TO DO THE UNTHINKABLE – GET EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED. Michael Henderson, a British correspondent (Stephen Dillane) covering the conflict in former Yugoslavia from Sarajevo, promises a little girl to take her away from the horrors. Similar … Continue reading Welcome to Sarajevo

Rambo: First Blood Part II

NO MAN, NO LAW, NO WAR CAN STOP HIM. Troubled Vietnam vet Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) is released from prison and goes to Cambodia in search of POW’s left behind after the war. The sequel to First Blood (1982) is embarrassing when it comes to politics. Fair action sequences keep it lively throughout but the film’s outright stupidity is … Continue reading Rambo: First Blood Part II