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The Incredibles: It’s a Family Affair

SAVE THE DAY. In 1999, there was a film called The Iron Giant. It was an animated tale about a boy who ran into a being from outer space, a gigantic figure made of iron. The giant was befriended by the boy, but the grown-ups feared it was nothing but a massive weapon of mass destruction … Continue reading The Incredibles: It’s a Family Affair


TRUST IS NOT AN OPTION.  It shares similarities with The Devil’s Advocate (1997), this story about Milo Hoffmann (Ryan Phillippe), a very clever (and uncharacteristically good-looking) computer geek who is hired by a huge corporation and its boyish, enthusiastic CEO who looks like Bill Gates. But it’s not a serious tale about attempts to monopolize … Continue reading Antitrust

The Manchurian Candidate

THIS SUMMER EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. We had a right to expect something good when a director of Jonathan Demme’s caliber decided to remake John Frankenheimer’s great political thriller from 1962. The war in Korea has been cleverly updated to the Gulf War, but the main story of the original is intact and still relevant … Continue reading The Manchurian Candidate

From Russia With Love

MEET JAMES BOND, SECRET AGENT 007. HIS NEW INCREDIBLE WOMEN… HIS NEW INCREDIBLE ENEMIES… HIS NEW INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES… James Bond (Sean Connery) is sent to collect a coding machine, but the whole thing is a trap set by the vindictive terror organization S.P.E.C.T.R.E. The second James Bond flick clarifies certain aspects of his universe; Q, the … Continue reading From Russia With Love


ANGIE WANTS TO STAY SINGLE, HAVE A BABY, AND FALL IN LOVE. BUT SHE’S WILLING TO NEGOTIATE. After a two-year hiatus from the world of movies, Geena Davis made a comeback as Angie, an Italian-American woman who’s involved with Vinnie (James Gandolfini) but starts dating an Irishman (Stephen Rea). Then she finds out she’s pregnant… … Continue reading Angie

Dr. No: The Beginning of An Era

NOW… MET THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMAN SPY IN ALL FICTION… JAMES BOND, AGENT 007! It opens with that famous shot of someone having the world’s most renowned spy in his sights, and then being shot and killed by him. This is the very first James Bond film and that introduction segues into the main title … Continue reading Dr. No: The Beginning of An Era

O Brother: Men of Constant Sorrow

THEY HAVE A PLAN, BUT NOT A CLUE. In Preston Sturges’s classic film Sullivan’s Travels (1942), Joel McCrea’s character, a Hollywood movie director, sets out to experience “the real world” as a way of preparing himself for his next film. He believes that great art can only be created in an atmosphere of social realism, but he … Continue reading O Brother: Men of Constant Sorrow

Barton Fink

THERE’S ONLY ONE THING STRANGER THAN WHAT’S GOING ON INSIDE HIS HEAD. WHAT’S GOING ON OUTSIDE. In 1941, left-leaning, Jewish playwright Barton Fink (John Turturro) leaves New York City for Hollywood to try his luck as a screenwriter and is hired by a studio that makes B pictures. Coen brothers films are always dark to some … Continue reading Barton Fink

AI: Do Androids Dream?

JOURNEY TO A WORLD WHERE ROBOTS DREAM AND DESIRE.   In a way, this is a tale of two men. They were both born in the U.S. Both made movies in Hollywood – one of them remained faithful to the dream factory, the other guy considered his integrity threatened and moved to England. Both are … Continue reading AI: Do Androids Dream?

The Terminal

LIFE IS WAITING. When his passport is revoked and the authorities forbid him from leaving the JFK airport, East European tourist Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) creates a life for himself in the terminal. It’s really a tragic story, but Steven Spielberg nevertheless comes up with a romantic comedy. It may be a bit too saccharine, … Continue reading The Terminal

Clear and Present Danger

TRUTH NEEDS A SOLDIER. As Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) climbs the CIA ladder, the president declares an illegal war on Colombian drug cartels. The sequel to Patriot Games (1992) was made by the same director, but suffers a bit from its length; it takes some time to sort out the complicated, political mess that Ryan gets entangled with. The … Continue reading Clear and Present Danger