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An American family is skiing in Austria when an incident involving an avalanche throws mom and dad (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Will Ferrell) into a marital crisis. This remake of the Swedish Force Majeure (2014) renders the concept too mild and conventional but has moments when we get a glimpse of greater ambition. The directors capture life in the Alps reasonably well and add a sense of melancholy; Louis-Dreyfus is good as a woman trying to deal with a feeling of being alone in her marriage.

2020-U.S. 86 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by Nat Faxon, Jim Rash. Screenplay: Jesse Armstrong, Nat Faxon, Jim Rash. Cast: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Billie Stanton), Will Ferrell (Pete Stanton), Miranda Otto (Lady Bobo), Zoë Chao, Zach Woods, Kristofer Hivju.

Trivia: Co-produced by Louis-Dreyfus. 



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