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The filmmakers return to a subject they explored in the documentary Toxic Playground (2010), the arsenic poisoning of hundreds of Chileans living next to thousands of tonnes of waste, left unprocessed by a company that had originally received it from the Swedish mining giant Boliden in the 1980s. This film follows up on the lawsuit against Boliden in Sweden, held in a small northern town where experts from all over the world arrive to support one side or the other; a lot of money is at stake. A personal project obviously; Lars Edman testifies as a witness during the trial. For him, it’s a black-or-white issue – but part of what makes the film interesting is the gray area, the debated extent of Boliden’s responsibility.

2021-Sweden-Norway-Belgium-Chile-Britain. 97 min. Color. Written and directed by Lars Edman, William Johansson.



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