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Red Dot

David and Nadja (Anastasios Soulis, Nanna Blondell) head up to northern Sweden, but when they’re suddenly attacked while camping in the middle of nowhere the nightmare begins. The first Swedish film produced for Netflix initially looks like another familiar version of movies like Deliverance and Southern Comfort. We suspect that there’s more to it, but when the twist finally comes it is in the shape of a surprising, catastrophic background story that doesn’t seem grounded in how the characters are written. OK thrills, but credibility suffers.

2021-Sweden. VOD. 86 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by Alain Darborg. Cast: Anastasios Soulis (David), Nanna Blondell (Nadja), Johannes Kuhnke (Einar), Thomas Hanzon, Kalled Mustonen, Tomas Bergström.



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