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The Investigation


When Tobias Lindholm took on one of Denmark’s most sensational murder cases in recent years, inventor Peter Madsen’s killing of the journalist Kim Wall, committed inside his privately built submarine, he had an approach similar to his movies A Hijacking (2012) and A War (2015) – fact-based, down-to-earth, empathetic, carefully avoiding grandiose dramatic effects. This miniseries focuses solely on the investigation and Wall’s parents, never once showing (or even naming) Madsen. That’s quite a feat; slow, but still gripping and enlightening. 

2020-Denmark-Sweden-Norway. Made for TV. 256 min. Color. Written and directed by Tobias Lindholm. Cast: Søren Malling (Jens Møller Jensen), Pilou Asbaek (Jakob Buch-Jepsen), Pernilla August (Ingrid Wall), Rolf Lassgård (Joachim Wall), Laura Christensen, Dulfi Al-Jabouri.

Trivia: Original title: Efterforskningen. First shown in six episodes. 



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