Kidz in da Hood


When young Amina’s (Beylula Kidane Adgoy) grandfather suddenly dies, she finds that the only adult in her life is a rock musician (Gustaf Skarsgård) who doesn’t have room for kids in his life. This movie takes a beloved story that’s been filmed in Sweden twice before and turns it into a hiphop musical for children, with an immigrant girl as the lead character. A clever idea that emphasizes fantasy in realistic surroundings, even if the film as a whole is thin. Heartwarming efforts by the kids and Skarsgård; Sanna Ekman looks like she’s having fun playing a nosy, racist neighbor.

2006-Sweden. 96 min. Color. Directed by Catti Edfeldt, Ylva Gustafsson. Screenplay: Ylva Gustafsson, Hans Renhäll. Music: Fabian Torsson. Cast: Gustaf Skarsgård (Johan), Beylula Kidane Adgoy (Amina), Jennifer Brown (Janet), Sanna Ekman, Sunil Munshi, Dogge Doggelito… Olle Sarri, Bounce.

Trivia: Original title: Förortsungar.



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