Alone in Berlin


Berlin, 1940; when the Quangels (Brendan Gleeson, Emma Thompson) learn that their only son has been killed in action they begin to resist the Nazi regime by dropping cards of defiance all over the city. This adaptation can’t match the brilliance of Hans Fallada’s work, which was inspired by a true story. The film lacks the novel’s depth and emotion, but still offers tension as we follow both the couple and a smart (but in some ways naive) cop who’s determined to find his ”hobgoblin”, the card writer. Gleeson and Thompson are fine and the film conveys a sense of what it must be like living in a dictatorship.

2016-Britain-Germany-France. 103 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by Vincent Perez. Novel: Hans Fallada (”Every Man Dies Alone”). Cast: Emma Thompson (Anna Quangel), Brendan Gleeson (Otto Quangel), Daniel Brühl (Escherich), Mikael Persbrandt, Monique Chaumette, Joachim Bissmeier.

Trivia: The story was previously filmed in Germany as a TV movie in 1962, a miniseries in 1970 and as a feature film, Everyone Dies Alone (1976).



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