Weathering with You

16-year-old Hodaka is trying to get by in an unusually rainy Tokyo; when he gets to know another teenager, Hina, he discovers that she can control the weather by praying… Makoto Shinkai’s follow-up to the hugely successful Your Name. (2016) shares many traits with that film, but doesn’t know how to deliver the same punch. The same is true of the music score. Still, it’s hard to resist this stubbornly romantic and naive tale of teenagers learning how to be a family together in a very rough Tokyo; as in Your Name., Japanese mythology plays a key role. 

2019-Japan. Animated. 112 min. Color. Written, directed and edited by Makoto Shinkai. Songs: Radwimps. Voices of Kotaro Daigo (Hodaka Morishima), Nana Mori (Hina Amano), Shun Oguri (Keisuke Suga), Tsubasa Honda, Chieko Baisho, Sakura Kiryu.

Trivia: Original title: Tenki no ko. Novel and manga adaptations were released simultaneously with the film. Taki and Mitsuha, the lead characters in Your Name., make minor appearances. Lee Pace, Alison Brie and Riz Ahmed provide voices in the English-speaking version. 



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