Hunt for the Wilderpeople

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When 13-year-old Ricky’s (Julian Dennison) new foster mother suddenly dies, he runs away and finds himself on a survival trek together with a man (Sam Neill) who wants him out of his life… The movie that really brought attention to Taika Waititi is an irresistibly charming and rebellious comedy about an odd couple who learn to appreciate their differences while on the run from the police and a fanatical social worker. Neill and Dennison are terrific together, the former playing a grumpy, rural New Zealander archetype. The film has a fresh energy and hilarious moments, even if it’s borderline too childish at times.

2016-New Zealand. 101 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced by Carthew Neal, Matt Noonan, Leanne Saunders, Taika Waititi. Written and directed by Taika Waititi. Book: Barry Crump (”Wild Pork and Watercress”). Cast: Sam Neill (Hector Faulkner), Julian Dennison (Ricky Baker), Rima Te Wiata (Bella Faulkner), Rachel House, Rhys Darby, Oscar Kightley.

Last word: “I hated New Zealand films that always exploited the landscape, but then I live in a beautiful place so it’s pretty much unavoidable. I think we were really lucky on [Wilderpeople] to be able to show that off. We got to shoot in some places that no one else has ever filmed in before. I think it’s probably the most fun I’ve had on a shoot, just in terms of being outside in quite extreme conditions. But it was also really rewarding, in the the sense that I didn’t spend a lot of time – definitely not in the last decade – appreciating our country.” (Waititi, The Independent)



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