A Piece of My Heart

Successful businesswoman Isabella (Malin Åkerman) goes back home for her father’s (Johan Ulveson) 60th anniversary, where she learns that the love of her youth is getting married. Screenwriter Edward af Sillén’s directing debut is a musical romcom taking great advantage of Swedish artist Tomas Ledin’s memorable tunes, boosted by af Sillén’s extensive stage-musical experience. Over the top at times and borrows plenty from safe genre predecessors, but joyously performed, with a healthy dose of humor and an amusing supporting cast. Åkerman’s rapport with Jonas Karlsson in her first Swedish leading role is attractive – and so are the summer locations. 

2019-Sweden. 112 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced by Patrick Ryborn. Directed by Edward af Sillén. Screenplay: Lars ”Vasa” Johansson. Songs: Tomas Ledin. Cast: Malin Åkerman (Isabella), Jonas Karlsson (Edvin), Christian Hillborg (Simon), Shima Niavarani, Per Andersson, Johan Ulveson… Marie Richardson, Johan Rheborg, Björn Gustafson.

Trivia: Original title: En del av mitt hjärta. Co-executive produced by Ledin (who also has a cameo). For the international version, Björn Ulvaeus contributed to the translation of Ledin’s lyrics.



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