The Mystery of Henri Pick

An unpublished novel found in a library that collects rejected manuscripts becomes a phenomenon, but literary critic Jean-Michel Rouche (Fabrice Luchini) does not believe the credited author, a now-deceased pizza-maker, wrote it. As we follow the critic on his mission in Bretagne, forging an uneasy alliance with the pizza-maker’s daughter (Camille Cottin), we’re treated to a reasonably amusing mystery that offers a few laughs and an amiable small-town atmosphere. The two leads are fun to watch, especially Luchini as the hopelessly curious bibliophile. A good music score emphasizes the film’s mystery. 

2019-France-Belgium. 100 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by Rémi Bezançon. Novel: David Foenkinos. Music: Laurent Perez Del Mar. Cast: Fabrice Luchini (Jean-Michel Rouche), Camille Cottin (Joséphine Pick), Alice Isaaz (Daphné Despero), Bastien Bouillon, Josiane Stoléru, Astrid Whettnall… Hanna Schygulla.

Trivia: Original title: Le mystére Henri Pick. 



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